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Active Duty / Veteran Sign Up

1. Your Country of Service - United States of America

2. Your branch of service - U.S. Navy

3. Your Rank / Rate - E-6, HT1

4. Your Military Occupational Specialty - Hull Maintenance Tech. (Welder/Pipefitter)

5. The name and something about a Duty Station at which you served. USS Simon Lake (AS-33); Submarine Tender (Now sadly not only decommissioned but completely scrapped out). Assigned to her in both Kingsbay, GA Submarine Base as well as in Holy Loch Scotland.

E-4, Specialist
MOS 63B/52D
I spent most of my time as a 52D. Genertor Mechanic. I kept 7 60kw generators running but only had 5 running at a time. They were power for the Hawk Missle System.

I did my time for Uncle Sam in North and South Calolina in early 80s. When we would shoot of missles we went down to camp Lajune and set up on the beach and spend a weekend partying, I mean playing Army. I would hang out/biv-o-wack(?) with the MPs as they dug the best fox holes and had the most alcohol. I was Airborne trained but did most of my time as a Leg. The last unit I was in had a cool patch that we called "The Gaggin Dragon".

My patch was green not blue.
BTW, my ETS was in 1987.
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United States Marine Corps

E-5 / Sergeant


0351 / Assaultmam. We played with rockets and C4, but I eventually became a section leader, hung out with STA platoon in weapons company alot (snipers), eventually was made squad/section leader of the company commanders PSD.

Unit was 2nd Battalion 8th Marines Golf Company... America's Battalion (the real ones... sorry 3/3 there is only one and we can compare streamers on our colors).

Stationed at Lejeune in Jacksonville, NC being part of the 2nd MarDiv. Also home of the most dive strip club to ever exist called "The Cave." One of my best friends (who was killed our third deployment God rest his soul) talked me into going to the cave one night. I wasn't feeling it, but he insisted so i relented. He bought me a lap dance from one of the worst looking gals there. I returned the favor in kind to him. We then did it for others in our group, and that eventually spread to everyone there that night buying lap dances for random strangers By the end of the night, every c list girl in this dive strip joint had at least 100 bucks in hand.

US Navy (1973-1977)
US Coast Guard (1978-1994)

Was in the very last lottery of the Selective Service draft for the Vietnam War. The number of draftees dwindled pretty rapidly that last year and my number (high) was never reached. Joined the Navy.

USS Oriskany (CVA-34) Two WESPAC tours working on the flight deck of the carrier.
USS William C. Lawe (DD-763) Bridge watchstander/Forward gun mount 5" 38
Naval Air Station Key West -- Public Affairs Office

The next 16+ years served on active duty in Coast Guard. First Class Marine Science Technician was my rating. Retired after 20 years and went to college on my Vietnam GI Bill.
1. United States
2. Air Force
3. Technical Sergeant / E-6
4. 3C0X2 - Computer Systems Programmer
5. Oklahoma (2 yrs), Texas (9 yrs), Germany (9 yrs).

I had a few bad days but never a bad assignment; I'd gladly do it all again only better.

Be well and stay safe...
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  • United States
  • Marine Corps
  • Sgt / E5
  • 5811/5819/5821 --- MP / MPI / CID
  • Last Duty Station was MCAS-New River, Jacksonville, NC -- 2003... though photo is from the mid/late-90s @ Camp Pendleton. I'm in the center, cover on.
  • "OB1" was my handle in the CID section.
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1. United States

2. U.S. Army 1996-2000

3. E4

4. 51 Bravo, Carpentry and Masonry Specialist. I don't think they have this particular MOS anymore, it has been changed and spilt up into a few different MOS. I was crossed trained as a 12 Bravo, Combat Engineer.

5. I served my active duty time at Fort Lewis, Washington with the 864th Engineer Battalion attached to the 555th Engineer Brigade.

Thank you to all those on here that served.
US Air Force Retired 78-01
Master Sergeant
Survival Equipment (parachute rigger)

McChord AFB, Tacoma WA - base shop and Combat Control Team rigger
Bellevue WA - Recruiter
Norton AFB, San Bernardino CA - Squadron Mobility, Security Manager, Base Closure, ... and duties as assigned
Offutt AFB, Bellevue NE - Squadron Training Manager, Security Manager
Kunsan AB, Korea - Survival Equip shop chief
Mountain Home AFB, ID - Survival Equip shop chief
FE Warren AFB, Cheyenne WY - Quality Assurance database manager (training, missile component time changes, etc)

Followed with 14 years as a Larimer County CO Deputy Sheriff until the body couldn't handle any more.

Now selling firearms in a local sporting goods store.
1. United States
2. Air Force
3. Captain (O-3)
4. 3064 -- Electronic Computer Maintenance Officer; 3076 -- Communications & Electronics Staff Officer
5. Fallon AFS, Nevada; that's on Naval Air Station Fallon, so I served beside our Airedale brethren. Fallon AFS was at the time both a long-range radar site and Backup Interceptor Control facility for surveillance and defense of our west coast. We also had a small Army contingent for control of air defense artillery (Nike and HAWK missiles), so I served in a a multi-service location. Also served at several other USAF locales.
United States Army Reserve 1992-2001
1LT (O-2), Medical Service Corps (70B67 Field Medical Assistant)
Units/duty stations:
  • Officer Basic Course, AMEDDC&S, Ft. Sam Houston, TX
  • 385th Combat Support Hospital, Spokane, WA
  • 396th Combat Support Hospital, Spokane, WA
  • 6250th US Army Hospital, Ft. Lewis, WA
United States
US Air Force Retired 1975 - 2005
Director of Dental Services USAF, Office of the Surgeon General. Other duties as assigned :001_smile
OCONUS - Spain, Germany; TDY to the Eastern Bloc for SALT II verification. I have one of the first pieces struck from the Berlin Wall on my desk, where I always knew it would be. CONUS - HQ USAF, Pentagon, HQ AFPC/DPAMD, HQ AFMC, TRANSCOM, DAFIA (FOA), among others.

Napoleon's "bits of colored ribbon" on my uniform:


Special Duty, permanently assigned to the USAF CAT (Crisis Action Team) post-9/11 for the remainder of my tour at the Pentagon, next door to CHECKMATE, developing and implementing a response to the attack on our country 11 September 2001. My t-shirt:


To those who served, thank you all for your service and your sacrifice. Blue skies and fair tailwinds....
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United States Navy, 1979-1983
Aviation Electronics Technician 2nd Class (E-5)
A-School in Millington, TN
Stationed at HM-14 in Norfolk, VA (Helicopter Mine Countermeasures, RH-53 Sea Stallion Helicopters)
Deployments on USS Nashville, (LPD13, Norfolk) NATO/MED Cruise and USS Tripoli (LPH10, San Diego) WestPac

Here's my squadron insignia, as well as a cool mug I just got in. Just as I'm learning that the squadron is being decommissioned.


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I am hoping this is OK, as it is written is in the spirit of fun. There is always inter-service rivalry - grin. But I won't start that. While we give our brothers and sisters in service a good hearted ribbing about their choice of branch, we have each others' back and will defend all those who served. I appreciate all of you.

Army Signal Corpse.
250N, CW3 Network Management Tech.
Mostly National Guard, but some Active Duty
Camp Patriot, Kuwait, 2012. Boring and dusty, which was great, since no one was trying to shoot us there.
Retired in 2017. I still miss some of it, but not all of it.


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United States Navy from 1988 to 1992
Aviation Machinist Mate (AD) aka. Nose Picker
Attack Squadron 65 (World Famous Fighting Tigers) VA-65
Carrier Air Group 8 (6th fleet) stationed in Virginia Beach at NAS Oceana.
VA-65 was attached aboard the USS Coral Sea (CVA-43) on her final voyage before her decommissioning. And then to the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) for the initial shake-down shortly after she was commissioned. And finally, aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) for the support of Desert Shield/Storm in 1991.

Good Morning,

1. Your Country of Service -- USA

2. Your branch of service - US Army

3. Your Rank / Rate - Lieutenant Colonel O-5

4. Your Military Occupational Specialty 13A Field Artillery

5. The name and something about a Duty Station at which you served. 101st Airborne Division, Fort Campbell KY, my second son was born there in 1998.
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