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Active Duty / Veteran Comment Thread

I am always deeply impressed and somewhat moved by the number and quality of fine Gentlemen on B&B who did or have served in the military.

All of us in the Western World owe you a deep measure of gratitude for your courage, time you have sacrificed for us, and dedication.

Gents like you allow us civilians to sleep in our warm beds safely.

May you all prosper in your service and may Gents who have left their branches have happy and rewarding retirements afterwards.
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My daughter is serving in the US Navy and just visited us in Bangkok. We went to visit Venus Jewelers as two generation customers. One of their services is “ gold dipping”. She had her Surface Warfare Officer pin dipped in gold and had the hull numbers of her two ships engraved on the back. LPD19 (USS Mesa Verde) and DDG67 (USS Cole).
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