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Acquistions Monday Oct 31- Sun Nov 6

Welcome to Trick or Treat Season! While it may only be shaving, we have to take the care and feeding of our hobby seriously! Have at it lads.
Well I guess I'll kick off the acquisitions for the week. It's a tough job, but someone has to do it! Received a bit of a treat today. My faithful UPS driver braved the hardships of the plains and made it to my door unscathed with the GOODS from Baudelaire Soaps. To make an ensemble with the excellent Provence Santé Shaving Soap I ordered the following:

  • Provence Santé Thé Verte Eau de Cologne
  • Provence Santé Savon Verlain
  • Provence Santé Thé Verte Aftershave
Nice web site and really helpful staff at the other end of 800-327-2324! :thumbup:
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Since the birds have flown the coop it has been quiet here in the Score! So to brighten things up, here is êshave's mini traveler with 5 different creams, 3 aftershave creams, and the artwork brush, ceci est un pipe in silver tip.

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I just remembered I have some samples from Eshave. They are sitting on my desk along with all the other samples I haven't gotten to yet.
I didn't want to take a chance of loosing this one. Dorko at the top of my list of preferred razors.

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I saw it on Ebay this morning with a "Buy it now." I guess you snatched it. Good work Rik. :biggrin:
The Wonderedge along with another Dorko and a Puma will be on it's way to Randy Tuttle this week. My honing skills are to the hair splitting level, but I'm not confident enough, nor do I feel I have enough honing experience, to try an hone one of these myself. The Discuswerfer is being honed by John Crowley.

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Rik, have you tried the Wonderedge yet? How does it compare to the Dorko razors?
TJMaxx had a clearance rack with an additional 25% off. Floris Santal AS for $5.25 and Azzaro Vetiver for $8.25. The Azzaro is going back based on comments on Basenotes though.
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