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Acquisitions November 15 - November 21

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I'll start this week off, gentlemen. Everyone join in and show us your newly scored goods for this week.

A 1955 President just took the front row center seat in my collection! I won it on da bay, and it should arrive this week. This picture belongs to the seller, but I'll post my picture(s) when I get this sweet little beauty in my hands.
View attachment 74780

A 1952 40's Style Super Speed. I plan on replacing the razor with my mint X2 Black Tip as they both came in the same case with the same instructions. Now, I just need the correct blades to go with it.
View attachment 74785

Next up is a near mint 46-47 Aristocrat. I expect it to arrive this week as well, but it looks exactly like the one pictured here. I borrowed this picture from Mr-Razor. I'll post pictures of the real deal when it arrives.
View attachment 74787

My serious case of RAD picked a bad time to act up this close to Christmas! :scared: But, I'm ecstatic with these scores! :biggrin1: The President might turn out to be this years Christmas present from SWMBO! She just doesn't know it yet! :whistling::a49::yesnod:
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While not strictly shaving - i bought a new screen that ill be checking B&B out on. 24 inches of SOTD pics... sweeeet

(the other screen is 19")
Hopefully my wife will let me use her camera tonight so I can take some pics (she thinks I'm weird with this shaving stuff) because I have a few questions and needed some help on dating. Anyway, I bought a lot of 7 razors on ebay. There weren't great pics or a flashy ad or anything. I wasn't sure what I'd get, but since I only have one other razor, I thought what the heck. I got everything for about $45 shipped.

2 '60 Super Speeds. These were probably the most gunked up and worse of the bunch. Cleaned up nice, some brassing (I assume, but I don't know much about razor grading and problems, that's why I need someone to look at the pics) and maybe a couple of rust spots. Other than that, TTO turns well and doors close tight. Not pretty or anything, but definitely usable. Since I already have a '59 I'll probably PIF these.

1 '52 Super Speed. Cleaned up nice. I really like the look of the '40s style much better. Its a bit lighter, but I think I like that more too. This may become my 'go to razor'. The first I've tried from the lot. I really enjoyed the shave.

1 Slim Adjustable. Can't remember the date right now, but I'll get it when I get the pic. I'm really pleased with this one. The TTO and adjustable knob work great. Doors are tight and all the paint are on the numbers. Cleaned up great and very shiny. I'll probably try this one next.

2 GEM Featherweights. At first glance, they look exactly the same. However, one you can tell is slightly heavier and if you compare the heads, the heavier one looks a fraction larger. They both have white plastic handles, with the heavier one being a bit discolored. Also, the heavier one has ridges on the tab to flip open the head where as the other doesn't. Does anyone know how I can date these? All they say is GEM and Made in USA I think. I'll probably keep one and PIF the other.

1 SE razor, just says STAR on it and Made in USA I think. Has a comb type thing on it and the handle is metal and unscrews from the head. I know that doesn't tell you much, but hopefully the pictures will help when I can get them up.

I also picked up a pack of SE blades, a cheap VDH boar brush and a bottle of Clubman when I went to Walgreens.

Anyway, I'm sure that's enough rambling. Like I said, I'll try to get pics tonight and edit my post and if anyone can help me out dating and identifying the SE razors, I'd appreciate it. Now I just need an injector and I'll have all types covered. :smile:
Hello everyone. This nifty locally made soap was given to me by my Lady this past weekend. She got it Saturday, but I wasn't able to post until today. I'm eager to try it and post a review. It smells great, and I love the pine block as a soap holder. They also have a website, for anyone interested...
Made a nice score on ebay this weekend. Wade & Butcher Wedge w/Barber's Notch, with a Coticule included.

Pic is from the auction, will get more when it arrives.


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Nothing quite as stunning as you guys, but my puck of Da Fat with ceramic bowl, the Provence Sante Green Tea soap and Institut Karite soap arrived from WCS today.
I had Bernd at Shavemac do a reknot on a Century handle.
This is the result. It will ship tomorrow.

I am soooo excited. Its like Christmas is coming early.

I already posted this in the safety razors forum, but since I guess this would be the proper place here's what I picked up at Drug Emporium earlier today.
Though this isn't a new score, this is the first time I've gotten a good image of it.
We found these 3 brushes in the back of the bathroom cabinet while cleaning out my grandparents' items. I now have more of my grandfather's shaving goods as a keepsake. I might reknot one of them with a GN Finest Double-Band so that I can use it like he did. The little travel bottle of Brut was a major bonus. It is glass, and as you can see has the Fabergé name on it. I think it smells better than the current stuff! It is sweeter and more complex even with as old as it must be. It sat in the back of a light less closet buried in other nick-nacks so it didn't get much sun exposure over the years.
That is also his '39 Tech Fat Handle hanging in the background.

Received this 3/1 from Jim and Erin at Vintage Blades as a replacement for a previous brush. This tortoise is notably different from the first brush I had, I think prefer the darker brown and yellows to the reddish tint of the first. Conversely, I think I prefer the softer blend between colors in the first brush, this new one has some sharper edges between browns and yellows. It is gorgeous, either way. Pictures of the first brush at the bottom of the post.

Click for full size - Uploaded with plasq's Skitch

Click for full size - Uploaded with plasq's Skitch

Click for full size - Uploaded with plasq's Skitch

Click for full size - Uploaded with plasq's Skitch

Click for full size - Uploaded with plasq's Skitch

First brush, for comparison:

Click for full size - Uploaded with plasq's Skitch

Thanks again to Jim and Erin at Vintage Blades for A+ service!
Just scored this little beauty.

The writing on it is almost gone but it says: Victoria and "Rein Dachs" which means its made of pure badger hair.

My first butterscotch, before I couldn't understand what the fuss was about - now I know :001_wub:
Just scored this little beauty.
My first butterscotch, before I couldn't understand what the fuss was about - now I know :001_wub:
Very nice, another convert..... :001_tt2:

Don't forget to post it in the Butterscotch Candy Porn Shop thread !!!
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