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Acquisitions Monday September 18th - Sunday September 22th

Gents: Pony up the dough!!

I got in the mail my Gillette Superspeed s1 ('72) from yomuppet. I'll post pic when I get home.
Got a bottle of the Ham last week, just figured out the gallery thing now though lol...

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Today when I got home from class I found a box from the post office with two eight ounce packages of Ristretto roasters coffee beans and a Ristretto Roasters mug.

It smells great, I can't wait until tomorrow morning to try it out.

Thanks again DJ and all of the others who donated. Also thanks to all of the mods for organizing the giveaway.
Taylor's Avocado tub
Trumper's Coconut oil Tub
Taylor's Rose Tub

The avocado is amazing stuff and so is the Coconut oil. They produce so much lather and lubricity is the highest I have experienced to date.

Here's Monday's haul:

- A used Merkur Futur razor. I like the weight of this very much! I have to sterilize this tomorrow and try it later this week.

- Three cakes of HoneyBee soap: Lime, Bay Rum, and Sandalwood. I have been using creams for a while but I am anxious to try these highly regarded soaps. I notice that many contributors to B&B think quite highly of Sue's products.

- A 5.3 oz. tub of Taylor's Eton College shaving cream. The last time I used this stuff is when I lived in London in the early 1990s. I used to pick it up at the Taylor's shop in Jermyn St. I am anxious to use this and let the scent bring back the memories.

- A Burt's Bees shaving mug. I thought this was sort of funky when I bid on it on eBay. When it arrived today my wife claimed it looked like a death mask. Now I can't help but think it is a bit creepy: I'll be mixing lather in Burt's skull!

More to come later in the week...

Feather Artist Club RG
Feather Professional Blades
Feather Proguard Blades
Classicshaving Alum Block
Taylor Avocado

and just ordered...
Savile Row 3118
QEDman Sandalwood

I need to take a break for a while...

I just got a mixed lot of razors and blades on e-bay, some of which might go on sale in the buy/sell forum:

Here are the pics from the e-bay listing:

View attachment 1779

View attachment 1780

View attachment 1781

View attachment 1782

I wanted a bunch of injectors and now I got them - looks like 3 lady injectors and two adjustables, as well as a bunch of blades and some odds and sods.

They seem to be in good condition, but I'll have to wait until I get them to be sure.
Duh… It’s almost impossible to find anything useful in my lost city in southern France, therefore I order everything online. Except today I found by accident a very small shop with the full Crabtree & Evelyn range of products. :mad2: :mad2: :mad2: The woman took advantage of my youthful enthusiasm and managed to sell me my very first beauty product. I feel so metrosex.


In my relentless pursuit of a brushless cream or gel for use when travelling, I bought a can of Fahrenheit shaving gel.


I was also lucky to find a retailer of Plisson shaving soaps and creams. The soap, Matin ambré, is very citrusy, while the cream has marine notes reminiscent of Kenzo pour homme. I noticed both the cream and the soap were made in England. How ironic. Plisson was Napoléon’s brand of choice.

Thank you. By the way, where do you get your Arko stuff? With all the fuss about it, I have to give it a try. The more I try products, the more I realise quality and price are unrelated.
Here is my new software:

-Nivea Men roll-on deodorant (thanks me)
-Geo F. Trumper Coconut Oil shaving cream in a tub (thanks Gordon)
-Geo F. Trumper Sandalwood shaving cream in a tub (thanks Iwan)
-Palmolive Classic shaving cream (thanks me)
-Some Gillette blue, Schick DE and Feather blades (thanks Gordon)

Three nice Gillettes I found for a good deal.:biggrin:
I cleaned 'em up and disinfected them, and while the pic is kinda lousy, the razors turned out great!
from L-R: Y-2 super speed ('53); J-2 slim handle adjustable ('64) and R-2 longer handle adjustable ('71)
I got a package in the mail today from one of our Canadian members ( thanks Suzuki ) in which he included Some J.M Fraser cream:drool: some Pella blades, and some very generous samples of T&H and Baxter products. I am always blown away by the generosity of the members of the B&B.
Cheers, DJ.
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