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Acquisitions Monday September 11th - Sunday September 17th

I will get the week going-
Took a trip last week and when we got home the mailman had been busy! :biggrin:

Bunch of decants and samples
new Omega Sunshine
Clay and hydrosols
Fenix Miller Mod
Don Lino Cigars
and some more Floris Santal
Life is good!
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Door bell! who could it be?


26 mm Brush top from blankity blanks! whooo..
Jim, that's cool! In the future you'll see more and more members ordering these barebone knots and building them into their sinks etc so that they don't need a handle anymore but can just rub their faces over it.:lol:
Hey Jim, what do you have planned for a handle? and how do you like your lil "Sunshine"? I have the lil " Midnight" brush, and love it. I have to stop myself from giggling when I use it.
Cheers, DJ.
Hey Gents,
This is a first for me, but I had to show it. Among other things, my took me to an antique mall and purchased a "gold tone" Gillette Razor and blade case in a purple-lined, gold-tone box. Other than the name "Aristocrat", I can't find any distinguishing information that might give me a clue about age. The auctioneer thought it might be late 20's or early 30's. It actually cleaned up better than the picture shows. (The pic was provided by the auctioneer). At any rate, I am happy with the $12.50 find. Carey
Well, no pics but I had to pass this along. The wife and I were on the Plaza in K.C Mo. yesterday and I stopped by Pinstripes. One of the few men's stores around here. I knew they carried Truefitt shave creams and colognes but did not realise that they carried Trumper up until a few years ago. Trumper's North American distibution being what it is(non-existent in most cases)they quit carrying it because of supply problems. They had a bowl of Almond shave soap left and the guy sold it to me for half price. It was originally $35 so $17.50 was fine with me. The wooden bowl is nice. I shaved with it this morning. Nice stuff. They also have two bottles of Trumper cologne left. One bottle each(100ml)of Skye and Eau de Portugal. I was mighty tempted by the EdP. I think they were $50 and change and 57.50 respectively. He offered me a good deal on them but I won't repeat it here. If someone were to call them and ask abou the edt's, they may offer you a good price too or they may tell you they don't know what you're talking about. I don't want to speak for the sales people at Pinstripes. Just offering up information. I don't know if they mail order or not but if these two edt's are your thing, at least you know where a bottle of each is located. They had a lot of dust on them so it may be worth a call. There was also one bottle of extract of limes shower gel. I didn't get the price.

They also have some of Truefitt's Sandalwood and Rose cream in tubes left. I payed $17.50 for a tube of rose. I know that's a bit expensive but the rose is pretty much gone from these shores and I wanted to try it without buying a whole bowl of cream. So, no mail order and shipping hassle and I get to try it tomorrow morning. I also gave some business to one of the few locally owned and independent men's stores left. Here's the addy and phone for those who are interested. BTW, they have some nice business/casual clothes there too, albeit a bit pricey for blue collar guys.

Regards, Todd

601 W. 48th
Kansas City, Mo. 64112


[email protected]
Dinder1 said:
Hey Jim, what do you have planned for a handle? and how do you like your lil "Sunshine"? I have the lil " Midnight" brush, and love it. I have to stop myself from giggling when I use it.
Cheers, DJ.

My wife gave me a brush on our honeymoon while in Italy 10 years ago which has since fallen apart,I am going to rebritle that brush!

I posted my photo of my little Sunshine on SOTD- it really worked great!
Signature, Sweetgrass, and Tea Rose body bars
Foaming hand soap
replenishing facial moisturizer
facial wash
Shampoo and conditioner
body moisturizer
After sun balm

Also received a 1940's SS from Soulshine

Its been forever since I splurged on skincare products and shave gear.

Also picked up a SwissArmy dopp kit
Merkur HD in Gold
LT Piver Eau pour Homme EDT
LT Piver Reines des Fleurs Cologne decant
LT Piver Eau de Piver EDT decant.

As you can probably tell.......I find the LT Piver Range rather interesting!

Scotto said:
A cute little M-P brush from another member:


Scotto, I was tinking about ordering this brush. I am sure that we would love to hear your opinions of ths brush.
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