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Acquisitions Monday May 8 - Sunday May 14

Kyle said:
I accidentally won this little dandy on ebay. I bid on it two days before the auctions end and figured I would be sniped to death but got lucky.

The Progress has a very interesting mechanism for adjusting exposure. It is much different than the old Gillettes. If there is any interest, I may do a pictorial on the differences here in a few weeks.

Please Do So Kyle I'd be interested in it for sure, back then I could have won this Progress for $25 I dont know what the normal new price is but I wasnt am not into Merkurs basically I HATE THAT PLASTIC screams Cheap KOREAN re-make look it has other then that Id have bought it sooner.. :lol:

Dang Kyle You did some shopping ! me aswell Im not telling yet will wait till it arrives I have to raise your shopping by mine I cant keep behind NO NO ! that would be Sick..to let you have all the fun by yourself ! :wink: :biggrin: :wink:
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crackstar said:
Ron, I have exactly the same BK-12 brush! My wife bought it for me in New York a year ago. It works amazing!

I whole heartedly agree. It is a splendid brush in both appearance and performance.
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