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Acquisitions Monday June 19 - Sunday June 25

My younger brother recently purchased a tub of Taylors Avocado, but could NOT get used to the scent so he sent it to me. Canada Post was kind enough to deliver it to me this morning. To say the least, I love this stuff.
Arrived this afternoon.. oh lets clean the #$#$# out of it to be sure !
water+soap+SODA .. DID you read that SODA ! OOOOOOOOOOOOOPS!

Wake up... took my razor out of the water and my hands had all blackpaint on them.Soda EATS thru anything ! jesus I had a mint Fatboy and I was thinking didnt it have all the numbers in black ! ??? it still didnt hit me I had used soda with the fatboy but its not that much blackpaint ..so I was right I ****** up and my fatboy and this blackhandle Gillette. its now a See thru black handle Gillette. very weird very Unique...

sorry no camera.so old ebay pic must do for now... I did own a mint Fatboy razor then..I wasnt dreaming all the numbers were still black ! DONT USE SODA ........now some numbers are black on my FB still happy with both razors.
I guess you never saw the 'ole tooth in a glass of soda trick?:tongue1: :wink2:
The tooth will disolve completely. :ohmy: Yum...makes you want to go get a big gulp huh?:lol:
Today I had a wonderful package waiting for me at the office.

Lee once again demonstrated his speedy service. The PJ1 is an incredible brush. It's a wonderful size that performs admirably. The major also is outstanding. It will be a pleasure to use when I'm on the road.


The Major Best Badger and PJ1 Super Badger



After four passes


Left to Right: Edwin Jagger Small Best, Simpsons PJ1 Super, Simpsons PJ2 Super, St. Charles Shave Best.
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Sigh.... luckily I got some relief from the horrible pangs of jealousy over Riks PJ1 (see pic below)..... YOU %$&$% :cursing: Seriously... that thing is a beauty.... you have the PJ1 and the PJ2.... I have the PJ2 and PJ3.... sigh.... looks like it'll be a race to see who completes the line first :biggrin:

So anyway - my score today - A cool Duke 3, which is my first Simpson in Best Badger (I don't really count the Wee Scot) and I must say, this Duke handle is radically superior to a Chubby handle (the Duke 3 is basically a Chubby 1 best, with a better, more comfortable handle). The best badger hair is certainly a lot "wimpier" than the super, however it feels as though it'll be mighty luxurious. Also included in the picture below are some superb samples from Dinder1 - what a hell of a gentleman to trade with! He sent me samples of roasted coffee from his establishment Ristretto Roasters which smells absolutly devine, as well as a fantastically interesting cake of "Himalaya Shave Soap" made with shea butter and soy. This soap smells gorgeous, and is quite soft and seems to be REALLY packed with a high % of Shea Butter... I am crossing my fingers and hoping this will be a superior substitute for my beloved Will G Shea Butter soap.

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Ahhh Nothing beats a fair trade way more interesting then buying things you never know what your getting..

Rik awesome brush.. PJ Envy..yeah me too... :tongue_sm
DoubleE said:
Very nice Rik! Love those PJs! How about a #3 now to round out the stable?

That's it... I am forming the "PJ Crew" If yer a PJ-aholic lemme know and I can change yer title accordingly. :biggrin:
Got the "Jaguar" Gillette I won on ebay today. Like most of you said it is definitely NOT a genuine Jaguar edition. However, at the risk of offending the automotive snobs, I am not entirely bothered because I don't even like Jaguar cars. I wanted a mint condition Gillette DE, and this was the best I could find. The tin, while nice enough for what it is (despite the Jaguar logo:biggrin: ) isn't even big enough to hold the razor, further evidence of this products lack of authenticity . As for the razor, it would appear to be the Tech I was told it was, a lightweight (aluminium handle) model but it is in perfect condition. pictures (if anyones even remotely interested) when I figure out how to post them.
Warm reegards,
Had a few minutes to wander around Madison, WI yesterday before my meeting. Found a real earthy-crunchy store which was selling Merkurs, etc. Picked up a Col Conk Almond shave soap and a Provence Sante' Vetiver bath soap.
2 tubes of Vicco Turmeric shaving cream (well, they're ok, I guess!)
1 tube of Arko "Lemon" shaving cream (ahhhhhh, that's the spirit!)
1 tube of Weleda shaving cream (anybody know that one?)

-Liz Sport massage Oil
-Santal EDT 100ml
-Santal a/s Balm 100ml
-Hermes Eau d'orange Verte Shampoo 30ml sample
-Hermes Eau d'orange Verte body lotion 30ml sample
-Kiehls Castille Shampoo 8 oz
-Kiehls Cucumber Herbal Alcohol free face Toner (finally since im out of Thayers)
-John Varvatos 7ml EDT (2)
-ROMANCE " RALPH LAUREN" 3.4oz (awesome smell)

Its going to be a good week, I wonder how the Dutch versuses Argentina will do tommorow. in anycase im going to have a good shave .
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