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Acquisitions July 20 - 26

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Let's see the goods for the week!
Just arrived yesterday, some Godrej Menthol Mist,and a customized blade sampler. Also, a lot of razors from a wanted ad on Craigslist. The two Gillettes cleaned up very nicely! Not sure what I'm doing with the straights. I have more straights than I know what to do with!
Got my shaving soap on Monday that I won from Susie's Bubbles. Haven't used it yet, but I plan to tonight. Got 2 half-rounds. One is an olive oil based Bay Rum scent, the other is a shea butter based scent called Autumn Wreath.

Both smell really good! Time to check performance! :thumbup1:
This week so far:

Vulfix boar travel brush - just to add some variation to my travel kit

A interesting vintage Merkur with bakelite baseplate, the razor of my girlfriend's grandmother's cousin's husband. More about it here

This evening a package from fighting69 arrived:
Three pucks of William's Mug Soap
A bottle of Aqua Velva Classic Ice blue
A bottle of Pinaud Clubman
Two bottels of Unscented Thayer's Witch Hazel
A pack of US Personnas
Two bags of beef jerky :o16:
Thank you sir :001_smile


1. Bought - Alum Block $1.90 from Indian Grocery Store
2. Bought - Barbicide $6.50 from a Beauty Supply Store
3. Bought - GEM Micromatic - Even though I never seen one or know much a bout them
4. Bought - New Blades for the GEM above - didn't know I couldn't even use the DE's I had -- Ya I'm a newbie 8)
5. Bought - 40's SS with Notched Bar - Because I have read so many wonderful things about them
6. Bought - Aqua Velva - Because I read a lot of posts about it - all of which sounded appealing...
7. Bought - Skin Bracer - See above description ^
8. Contemplating a Straight - even though I would probably kill myself...
9. Considering selling my Vision - to buy more razors
10. Thinking about making my own Bay Rum aftershave
I am very much a newbie, but all this I picked up this week:

Pre shave oil:
Prepare by Zirh.(Picked it up on from TJ Maxx in a starter set for $12)

Shaving cream:
Zirh clear shaving gel (starter set for $12)

New Merkur 23c (amazon for $31)

Feathers (10 - $4.99)
Gillette 7o’clock(5 - $2.79),
Dorco st-301 (10 - $1.69) All from from Pasteur Pharmacy in NYC

Zirh Soothe (starter set for $12))

Also the Pasteur Pharmacy in NYC is amazing! I just stood there confused. I will definitely go back when I need supplies.


This week was good!

Ever Ready 1912 - Great condition, minor plating loss on head.
Gem 1912 - Good condition, needs a cleaning
Gem Featherweight
Gem Micromantic - Great condition, my favourite by far!
Gem Junior - It's in decent condition, just not sold on it

That lot ran me 15 bucks. (The last 4 were 10 bucks shipped, and the ever ready I picked up at an antique store for 5)

Geneva Cutlery Co Straight - In good condition, no rust, one single pit on the blade halfway between the spine and the edge. Just needs a good polish (Picture looks like rust, its reflection)

And a Dubl-Duck Straight - In good condition also, currently away for honing


picked up some d.r. harris lavendar cream in a tube from cambridge chemists in NYC today.
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My dad gave me these tonight. Rolls was his, a gift from my grandpa. Wilkinson 7 day was inherited from my great uncle.

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