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Acquisition Disorders

I do not, and will not deny the existence of the multiple acquisition disorders that plague wet shaving/shavers. They are very real and appear to evolve and mutate every time a mildly successful treatment is discovered. In an attempt to ease my own guilt, I will throw around a few ideas that can be used for some mild justification.

Most members here spent many years of their shaving lives using mediocre to poor products. Compound this with the fact that variety among these products was barely noticeable. Finally, consider the fact that for the entire time we used these products, we were gently pounded over the head with the hypnosis inducing phrase, "...the best a man can get. The best a man can get.The best..."

When you view these facts, is there really any surprise that those liberated from bad shaving have gone a little bit "purchase-mad". For some men, the variety alone is enough to stoke up the lust fires associated with any/all of the disorders. For other men, continual purchases are made out of that subconscious fear that maybe they are still not getting "the best a man can get". Maybe, if they sample enough products, they will finally find that one perfect product (after all, Gillette conditioned us to believe that there was only one perfect product).

It is a miracle that we have held up to the many years of brainwashing and psychological damage. We are prisoners that have been released after years of solitary confinement! We are the battered spouses of an abusive shaver! If the acquisitions help you to hang on to that last remaining shred of sanity, then buy on my good man. Buy on.:biggrin:
As I look back at my shaving history I followed the Gillette induced propaganda, starting with a DE in the 60's, then moving on to Gillette's "Next Big Thing." Ending up with Gillette Pivot Plus plastic razors and Edge Gel. Sadly, I had decided that combo was the "Best I Could Get."

Sometime last year, I must have felt a little nostalgic and tried to find my old shaving mug; I'm sure you remember the old green rubber Marvy mug. I never found it and decided to go online and find me one on Ebay...never found one. I began searching and came across the shaving forums, and as they say..."the rest is history!"

I'm now a liberated wetshaver who enjoys the nostalgia, the varitey, the fragrances, the luxury of the rich creams, the feel of the brush and for the first time in years...BBS shaves without the irritation!

Wetshaving...an acquisition disorder??? NOT! NOT! NOT! NOT! NOT! NOT! NOT! NOT! NOT! NOT! NOT! NOT! :001_rolle

I do not have an acquisition disorder! I do not have an acquisition disorder! I do not have an acquisition disorder! I do not have an acquisition disorder! I do not have an acquisition disorder! I do not have an acquisition disorder! I do not have an acquisition disorder! I do not have an acquisition disorder! :001_rolle

Confession is good for the soul!!!
I do not have an disorder I dont believe it, though I bought another set of Floris Santal Aftershave and balsem while the first order didnt arrive yet .

I am beyond the Disorder Level I think, But I agree with Brother Kyle. Years we thought "The best a man can get"well much variety there, Green Gel, Blue Gel, sensitive, normal skin thats about it. the cartridges would cost you a great used car if you'd shave with them properly and replace them intime. but as we all been there we would continue to get the best of your money and use the cartridges atleast 3-4 times before the DRAG would be unbearable.

Even now I dont think I should try to get the most out of a DE blade but simply toss it after 5 uses and go for fresh. a fresh blade just feels so great on the face and so what it could go for 2 more shaves.. still have 94 blades left of that brand. Disorder? where ? who ? what ? not me..:blushing:

No I call it way beyond that level I think I burned half my salary on this shaving journey I have started that is pretty bad but I think im not done yet there is so much to try still and offcourse there is the brotherhood feeling that comes with this place you cant have someone else have all the fun alone? thats like drinking beer all by yourself in the weekends..no no ! :lol:

Cant have that Mr Kyle bought something nice then my Wallet itches I have join the party and get more goodies..:cool:

Im sure people know what I mean Disorder ? nope.. mentall Illnes ? dont think so.

Now where was I oh yeah my Kent BK8 will arrive this week man do I have some stuble waiting for the badger..............:tongue_sm
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