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Acqua di Parma's outstanding customer support

It's worth noting that AdP's customer support is just as good as their products. Let me begin by saying that having searched high and low for couple of years I came to realize that the best shaving creams/soaps, for me, are Acqua di Parma, i Coloniali Mango and Saponificio Varesino 70th anniversary. When I say the best, I mean the best in terms of lather performance, scent, post-shave feel and packaging. Yes, packaging, for €50 a pop I feel the product also has to look good, which is why I'm not too impressed with XPEC or Santa Maria Novella. I'm disregarding the financial aspect here, I believe that, while not cheap, these products are not prohibitively expensive, we all have our vices. I do keep a couple of Speick sticks around for travels or if I'm in a rush but otherwise I only use the above three soaps/creams.

I then followed up my quest by looking for the perfect after shave, again using the same criteria and while I've tried a lot of products, I don't consider any tried so far to be the best possible A/S's. Since I love AdP Colonia Assoluta smell I was in too minds whether to purchase the Assoluta a/s balm or the Colezione Barbiere one so I was pleased to have picked a sample of AdP CB A/S Balm with my recent AdP purchases in Amsterdam. I was really looking forward to trying it, had a great shave with AdP shaving cream, but when I reached for the sample bottle, a tiny 5ml thing, it slipped through the cardboard
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