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ACQUA DI PARMA shaving cream

Wifey got me this as a premium add to soap. A good price for something that is usually even higher. Even the sell price is a out of range for me personally but I cannot complain considering its a gift.

Terrific shaving cream! I’ve been using this since it’s original inception many years ago but this revitalized version is far superior in every sense. Lather, cushion, scent, everything! Congrats on the cream...Enjoy it in good health...BTW, I too purchased a jar a few months ago from this site and shipping was spot on.
Whoop Whoop. Its arrived! Looking forward to this when I come back. Took my favorite soap with on work trip by Eufros so excited to try this on the return home.
Great Price and Value!!!!! Time to order more (jk or am I)