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Acqua Di Parma cream - how long

Just curious - how long till I see the bottom of ADP cream ? is it any more expensive than Truefitt or Geo F Trumper when you compare it using the # of shaves one gets out of it?
The more expensive creams tend to be much more dense meaning you don't need as much to whip up a great lather. I'm afraid this doesn't get you anywhere close to a similar price per shave though :wink:

I still think it is worth it!
I don't know the answer to your question, but in general, I use as much as I need of a given product to get the results I want, irrespective of its price. I won't skimp just because the product is expensive, because I feel if I need to skimp, then the product is too expensive per my needs. When I run out, I ask myself if I feel it is worth shelling out that much again to replace it. How long it took me to go through the product plays a significant role in whether or not I feel it is worth replacing.

Having said all of that, I too have wondered how long a tub of AdP lasts. For me, it either needs to last a very long time, or be a whole lot better - or smell a whole lot nicer - than my favorite English creams for me to be willing to shell out that much. So far, I haven't been able to convince myself that it is, so I haven't bought any.
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