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Acqua di Parma brush

It looks like the Acqua di Parma label has quadrupled the cost of the brush. At that sort of price I'd be expecting a top end brush not a rebadged Omega (possibly).
I looked at one of these in person, and while it is nice and heavy, the badger looked kind of run of the mill. I think that at that price, you could purchase two or three brushes that would blow that thing out of the water.
Cheers, DJ.
OOH WEE that alot of coin!

Definitely for that price, you could get 2-3 (more?) other brushes that would be just as attractive and effective -- Omega, Savile Row, Shavemac.
Ditto, ditto, ditto....! Better get yourself a Simpsons Chubby #3 super for that kinda money..

Waaay to much...but I can't tell you how to spend your money. Think Plisson, Simpsons, etc. etc for that much money for a single brush.
Thanks everyone! You confirmed what I suspected. I will probably look at Plisson, Simpson or Rooney. Any suggestions?
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