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Acqua di Parma (AdP) closest alternatives scent wise

Disclaimer: I fully realize there's nothing like the real thing.

Disclaimer #2: I do NOT want to spend $70-$80 for an aftershave

So, with that out of the way, I'd appreciate your thoughts on scent-wise resemblance.

I'm looking at Stirling Piacenza and RazoRock XXX. Of these two, which one would you say is a better aftershave in terms of moisturizing, skin nurturing, soothing properties?

Last, but not least - is there anything else worth considering, as a (better) alternative?

The Razorock XXX is very very close. Actually, I find it even closer to the AdP Essenza for some reason. Haven't tried Stirling's version, but you can't go wrong with the XXX.
I have the AdP Colonia and have used it in combo with the RazoRock XXX Aftershave. They're not identical, but they certainly are similar and compatible.
Sorry Dave. You made it pretty clear that you were only looking for clones. Just a reminder that the original is also worth your consideration. It’s more than just a nice scent. It’s my best performing soap.
No hard feelings on my end, so no worries. I'm sure it's a great product, it's just that I'm more of a soap guy, then cream.

But then... who knows. With all the praise, I might just grab one.

Cheers mate 😊
Ethos is loaded with skin-friendly ingredients and is much more expensive; I would say ‘yes’ to it being superior. But, Stirling and RR are stellar products, too.
I'm sure it is, although I never heard of them. So many new artisans appearing on the "shaving scene" one can't keep track any longer.

Anyways, not an option for me, as I live in Europe, so I won't be ordering a soap from US to pay $70 for international priority shipping... and wait 2 months on USPS. I can grab a tube of the real deal, that is AdP cream itself instead... which is probably what I will do eventually, thanks to @Tomo and @Steve56 ... they've been true enablers! 😁

This thread however was (intended to be) more about the scent of the aftershaves, resembling the AdP Colonia, but the info has been valuable nonetheless, I appreciate it!
You may want to try the original Fine Italian Citrus - if it’s still available. I have the AS and it’s not ADP but it’s a pretty good alternative.

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I've used Stirling Piacenza AS and Fine Italian Citrus AS, both are close in scent but Piacenza had better skin goodies and felt better on my face.
I thought it’d be good to highlight that the original AdP splash has a ton of skin food in it. It’s a high quality product. If I could, that’s all I’d use. Shaving soap (it’s not a cream like TOBS, more like an Italian croap) and AS splash, both are wonderful

Some perspective for those on the fence, you probably have spend more than what AdP costs in a bunch of products you don’t like, or in 3 of its clones. You won’t regret using AdP, just paying for it
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