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Accidentally found out about surprise party

One of my friends asked me for details about my upcoming birthday party; I had no idea I was having a party. My lovely wife sent him an invitation to my secret surprise party and apparently he didn't read it fully. Now that I know about it, should I just play along and act surprised? or tell her that I know about it?
Try to let it slip that your wife missed me on the guest list.....and sheesh how long have you been married-act surprised for goodness sake. :lol:
Definitely act surprised. Nothin beats the depression into a spouse/partner than a breach in security of a hard planned party. I'd even play harder and come up with reasons to be busy, work issues, not feeling well just to make the efforts more powerful.
Flip the surprise around.

Sneak into the house with your secretary in tow and say "She won't be home for at least another two hours, we've got time..."


I’m stumped
you have to act surprised. it is just a delayed reaction from when your mate told you anyway. have a good Birthday. don't forget to get yourself a shaving present, that to is a must for birthdays.


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How long have you been married and how is it that you lived this long?

Act surprised and you can have some laughs, have some beers! Then take your secret to the grave :smile:
By all means act surprised. I'm sure your wife went to a lot of trouble to plan this out, so don't even think about letting it out that you know.


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Freak them out. Hide from the person who is supposed to take you to the party. Make them return to all the others empty handed.

Give the party goers about tem minutes of "So, now what do we do?" head scratching, and then burst into the room.

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