AC Shootout: Blackland Vector, ATT SE1, Occam’s O.R.E.N., RazoRock Hawk

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    I will begin by saying any of these razors will give you a very close shave. The RazoRock Hawk is the cheapest at just under $30 (I got mine new for $25 but I am not sure why it was discounted). The ATT SE1 can be purchased as a complete razor or just the head. I got a used aluminum head paired with a heavy Ikon handle for about $60. A new all aluminum version is just under $100.

    The Occam’s O.R.E.N. I ordered was a gold colored model for just under $50. I ordered it on a weekend and that Monday received a note from Classic Shaving saying they had just sold out of the discounted Gold (despite the website accepting my order).

    They upgraded me, just under $70, to a choice of Black or Silver (at their expense… good service). It comes with a least, moderate, and most “aggressive” head. I used the moderate head for the shootout.

    Everyone knows the Blackland Vector is by far the most expensive offering. Just under $200 is a sizable amount for a steak dinner or a razor. However they do offer a 10 percent discount to active duty and retired veterans… I like that. I have tried the other razors earlier this week. The Vector came in yesterday and I gave it a go this morning.

    I used Tabac out of a tube and quickly lathered it up via a Timeless bowl. A Vie-Long horsehair brush was the applicator with a Kai Captain Titan Mild Protouch providing service as the blade. I topped off the shave with a splash from a new bottle of Furbo Blu (more about that later).

    The Hawk and SE1 were very similar. They both gave a close shave but were subject to leaving me with a slight nick or irritation if I was not careful. I had to stay on my game and concentrate throughout the entire shave. It may have been poor technique but in 3 or 4 shaves with each I always ended up with a small nick or area of irritation.

    Hands down the O.R.E.N. was the most fun. It was like an old 60’s VW bus. Like I was in a Cyndi Lauper style video leading a conga line of wet shaver’s singing ,“Wet Shavers Just Want To Have Fun”. I got a very nice worry-free shave. I liked the slightly floating blade and never had a concern regarding a nick or irritation. For me loading the blade was easy.

    The Vector has been described as a sports car… rightly so. Sleek and maneuverable. All the other kids are looking over wishing it was their razor. WTG, ATG, and some cleanup were all outstanding and effortless. I didn’t really need the cleanup but I didn’t want the shave to end.

    No worries about a nick or irritation. Smooth sailing all along the neck, chin, and around the nose. I think I could have shaved about an inch into my nostrils with no trouble (I did not test that theory). There is absolutely nothing, except the pricetag, to complain about in regards to this razor.


    If you have a particularly heavy beard, enjoy seriously concentrating when shaving, and/or enjoy the occasional small nick or area of irritation… go with the SE1 or the Hawk. I would choose the Hawk because of the lower price.

    If you want a nice relaxed shave prior to heading out to the beach or down to the local Dairy Queen… go with the O.R.E.N.. Also if the Vector is out of reach due to pricing… the O.R.E.N. will not disappoint (unless you’ve already tried a Vector).

    If you want the best and have the funds… order a Vector. If not the absolute best shave, at least in the top 3 I have ever gotten (including those obtained in the barber’s chair). I will keep, and use, the O.R.E.N. and Vector. The Hawk and SE1 are worthy players and I will help them find a nice and welcoming “forever shave den”.

    BONUS: Furbo Blu Aftershave

    I like this stuff. I put some on after my shave and about 3 seconds later it kicked in, slapped me on my face, and said, “Get your “A**” out there and do something productive today!” *

    *(I do not advocate the use of strong language in casual conversation… I’m just telling you what I heard).

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  2. I agree with your assessment of the vector, it's a great razor! Smooth, efficient, hassle free shaves. Have you used a Sabre before?
  3. Anybody know if above the tie offer military discount?
  4. I don't know you, man, but that HAS to be the trigger line for "Best Mental Image of the Day."

    I laughed.

  5. L.A. Jones

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    Negative... and I absolutely am not buying any more razors! On the other hand... My anniversary is tomorrow and I have not, as of yet, bought my wife a present..
  6. For me it was like this,

    Alu hawk- too aggressive for my tastes and without a decent shave result, easy to nick with. It's not me or my prep, I've been using various SE razors for some years and this has gotten to be the worst for me. I even tamed the 1st edition cobra and the ikon el jef.

    Oren razor- aggressive 3 dot head is unbelievably smooth and gives a great shave, you'd need to be serious about trying to cut yourself with this one. For the price its a great razor, no moving parts, easy to load and in black looks real cool.

    Just sayin.
  7. I guess aggressive SE razors just agree with me. I've been using my aluminum Hawk daily without any cuts, nicks or irritation. I have had the same experience with a Gem MMOC. I've only had one shave so far with the OREM since mine was defective and I'm waiting for a replacement from Classic Shave. From one shave it's tough to tell, but it was a very smooth shaver and the results seemed perhaps as close as the Hawk or MMOC. I'd love to try the Vecor, but I just can't see spending over $100 on a razor, and the Vector is nearly twice that.
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    Thanks for sharing your experience and thoughts.
  9. Loved the write-up, thank you. I've just had my first shave with the Vector & loved it!
  10. Thanks for the interesting review. I have the SE1, Hawk and Vector razors and find all three to be excellent, with the SE1 just taking top spot thanks to its nimble head. Next for me would be the aluminium SE1, which I like for its looks and low weight as well as its performance. The Hawk is no slouch either, with just its slightly utilitarian appearance and basic finish counting against it (understandable at that price). I would very much like to try the O.R.E.N., but although it's not particularly expensive I would get hit by the usual shipping/tax involved in getting one to the UK.
    One observation I would make is that blade choice really makes a difference with these razors. The ATT and Hawk pair really well with the Schick Proline, and I find the Feather Super Pro best in the Vector, adding a notch to its efficiency.

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