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    So with DE blades, people, myself included, move the blade from razor to razor, possibly cleaning it in between, etc. I did this so as not to stain my razors, or have the blade rust on me as some stainless ones will if left alone. That being said, once an AC blade is in, it stays there until it is spent. After that i clean the razor with a tooth brush and put a new blade in it. I don't like handling them and they are thin and still sharp even when used. How do the rest of you handle them?
  1. I flip the blade over after every shave. I don't have a cleaning schedule, when the SE1 looks like it needs cleaning, I clean it with Scrubbing Bubbles. I give it a good rinse after every shave.
  2. I leave the blade in it until it needs replacing
  3. I leave it in the razor until it’s spent or until I transfer the blade to the next razor in rotation. I don’t ever “clean” the blade though beyond the normal, post-shave rinse and alcohol dip while in the razor.
  4. Cleaning the blade for DE for me is just rinsing everything off and shaking the water off it.
  5. Through the influence of the Forums I have developed a routine that removes the blade from the razors, rinses then hand strops, then alcohol dip (modified on the injectors). Since I use all 4 formats (DE, AC shavette, GEM SE, Injector) in no particular order it seems to provide ample longevity for each blade .. I just stop & swap the blade out if one starts to tug

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