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I've had the Absinthe Noir Calavera, this stuff burns my throat unless I do "the ritual"
I can't even do a quick shot with it, feels like heartburn. :bayrum2:

The ritual with the sugar and water also makes it a little more like a cream.. and tolerable.



I've enjoyed it, but I can't say I enjoy it regularly. The flavor profile just isn't my speed very often. I do love a good sazerac, and I do like it made with the green stuff.
I've never tried it but I want to...but I'm a little embarrassed to admit that the stuff kinda scares me. The logical side of my brain says most of the negative hype about absinthe is total BS but another side says...what if? It's been sooooo vilified in America that I feel like wanting to try it is like wanting to try crack or heroine! What's kinda funny though is I and MANY others won't hesitate to toss back a shot of Moonshine! I've never heard of anyone going blind from Absinthe...
I've heard it has a black liquorice kinda taste to it. Any truth to that? If so that's a deal breaker for me. If I even smell Jagermeister ill friggen YACK.
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It does have an anise flavor, but it's cleaner than black licorice and certainly more so than Jager.

As far as going blind or mad, if you drank enough of it to get there, you'd probably have drunk enough of anything else and be in the same shape.
I tried it in a bar in Prague, and now have a couple of bottles I bought back from Europe.

Very nice drink. The water decanter/fountain is hard to find here.
A few years ago, My wife and I bought a nice bottle for her brother as a Christmas gift. I dont recall what brand it was, but it was pretty expensive I think. We cracked it open Christmas morning and between six of us, we put a good dent into the bottle. My wife and I went home and basically slept through christmas with my side of the family. It was her first Christmas with my family and we were the ones bringing beer. We showed up late and drunk for dinner. It was not my proudest of moments. I think I've had one shot of the stuff since.
To my sophisticated palate, tastes like someone shoved a liquorice stick up Satan's ***. There are less painful ways of getting tipsy, imo.
To my sophisticated palate, tastes like someone shoved a liquorice stick up Satan's ***. There are less painful ways of getting tipsy, imo.
hahaha. awesome! I guess it is some what of an odd taste for some people. ive always liked black licorice tho, so I think its great.
i'll have to disagree. most modern absinthe sold in 'merica has wormwood. and I have seen several brands that are sold over seas also sold in 'murican ABC stores. either way I order mine from Europe or have friends who are deployed pick up bottles for me.
I love absinthe, but it PISSES ME OFF when I order it at the local bars and they have NO CLUE how to serve it. NO water, NO slotted spoon and no sugar cube!

On a side note, drinkupny.com has some great absinthe. One of my favorites is the Mansinthe, or, the one created by Marilyn Manson.
the whole issue with absinthe is this. when it became massively popular, criminals were basically taking industrial alcohol and paint thinner, mixing in grass clippings to leach out the clorophyl to get the green tint, and selling it as the real stuff.
that's why there so many issues with it in the us of a.

wormwood is considered a toxic carcinogenic material, although companies sell a non carcinogenic wormwood. stuff sold in us of a isn't allowed to have the wormwood, which makes it true absinthe.

Actually this is incorrect. A few years ago the laws were changed to let absinthe include wormwood. http://www.wormwoodsociety.org/index.php/102-news-and-information/items/187-yes-real-absinthe-is-legal-in-the-us
Myself and two friends knocked off a bottle one of them brought back from Europe. I woke up in my truck without my pants on about 3 in the morning (my boxers were still intact and on, though...lol). Then, dealt with a two day hangover. Nasty stuff!

oh...never found my pants. To this day, none of us can remember crap after about the 4th drink..Completely wiped out three experienced, hard core liquor drinkers. Haven't even sniffed it since, and that was 11 years ago. Who knew?