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Above the Tie (ATT) razor-brand customer satisfaction survey

From personal experience, how happy are you with Above the Tie (ATT) razors?

  • 5 stars (extremely happy)

  • 4 stars

  • 3 stars

  • 2 stars

  • 1 star

Results are only viewable after voting.
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I love my ATT razors, the fit and finish is second to none, they really are beautifully made. I also love the system concept, that you can buy the parts individually to suit your preference, and the 30 day returns policy is something I've not seen another razor manufacturer offer.

No complaints about the shave either!
Stan has the most liberal, no-nonsense return policy to be found - 5 stars

Likely the highest quality hardware currently manufactured - 5 stars

Variety of plug-n-play handle and plate options means your perfect shave can be found - 5 stars

Stan is an innovator, constantly introducing new must-have products - 5 stars

Stan is accessible, active and responsive here on the forums - 5 stars

Overall experience - 5 stars
I have the 7-pc set. I won't get to see it, but I wouldn't be surprised if my great-grandsons (assuming that I have any) fight over them long after I'm dead & gone.
Unlike the Aggressiveness Poll, these Brand Satisfaction polls are anonymous. Because of this, any written out votes in replies can't be counted in the final results (although this thread will still of course persist for any who wish to read the details of why people voted the way they did).

Please use a tablet or computer and be sure to fill out the checkbox-containing poll so your vote can be counted!

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Received 2 of the same plates when I ordered the 5 piece set, emails were returned quickly. Sent one back for exchange and no problem . The correct plate was returned very fast ... a pleasure to do business with .

And great razor , need to get it back in rotation
Outstanding customer service and second to none quality. Doesn't hurt that the R1 is my favorite of the many I have tried.
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