About to buy a Timeless (95 vs 68)

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    Some Advice Needed.

    I'm about to order a Timeless this weekend (got tired of waiting for a Wolfman).

    All my razors are ATT and I prefer the R1 range above all, especially Windsor R1 since it has no blade chatter and is much smoother than regular R1)

    Having said that, should I order .68 or .95 Timeless? Sometimes H2 can leave my face too raw and I don't know if timeless 95 or 68 is compared to R or H Range within ATT.

    Any Feedback is Appreciated.
  1. While all faces are a bit different, my face loves the .95 in titanium. I also have the ATT H1 and R1. Both are fine shavers, but the weight and efficiency of the Timeless makes it my favorite. Probably somewhere between the ATT R1 and H1 in efficiency in my estimation and smooth as butter in the scalloped head and base plate. Buy it and never look back.

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  2. I have the Timeless .95 and put it at the very top of the heap. I love that thing. Amazing shaves and worth every dime. It delivers the best of shaves every time. Cannot speak to how it compares with the ATT you mention but I will say that I have the Calypso H1 which has a blade gap of .91. It delivers the same dependable results, spot on. The ATT being aluminum is very light weight which I enjoy for the sake of variety. For context, I have been through many, many razors over the years and both of these are in regular rotation. I'd get the .95 Timeless if I were you rather than the .68. Good luck!
  3. Im so tempted now for the 95!!!!
  4. So many thanks for this feedback! 2 points for 95 so far!
  5. I have the 68 OC SS and the 95 SB in Titanium. If you get the OC 68 you do get a bit more aggression from the 68 blade gap without having to step up to the 95. If you go 95, I really like the Ti version in SB because it helps tame the larger gap quite nicely. Either way you can’t go wrong.

    (BTW...definitely get the Timeless but don’t give up on the Wolfman in the future...my first WR1 arrived two weeks ago and IMO it does live up to the hype.)
  6. I agree with Cyjazz the .95 is right between the r1 and h1 but for me smoother than both. I never tried the Windsor ATT to give an estimate on those. The .68 I had in open comb it's very easy to shave with smooth and I would put it one notch under the ATT r plate and again smoother. They timeless curves the blade and cuts or slices hairs compared to the ATT feels like you are scraping or almost squeegy wiping the hair off. Hope this helps
  7. I absolutely love my .95 Ti open comb. The weight makes a bit milder than the stainless. I’ve had every Timeless offered and the TI is my favorite for timeless and favorite razor overall.

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  8. I have both the 0.68 and the 0.95. You should too!!
  9. I'd say the Timeless .68 is below the ATT R1 in terms of aggression, but it shaves much better. It feels smoother than the R1, yet gives me results at least as good as any of my 30 or so DE razors, and a lot better than most. I don't feel any need to have a more aggressive Timeless, since I can't see what benefit this would offer to me, but this is obviously a YMMV issue.
  10. The Timeless Titanium and Stainless in .68 variations and .95 variations all are great, smooth efficient razors, without knowing all the details of your skin, hair, usual prep, and what makes a great shave for you it is hard to narrow down a recommendation. Both razors are amazingly smooth efficient and of the highest quality craftsmanship. Timeless has a great return/exchange policy and very responsive customer service. So start with either razor, get any base plate but plan on getting both razors and all base plates. FYI the Bronze is a very different animal with a very different shave experience.
  11. I love my SS Timeless .95 OC but it took me a while to dial in. Even after dialing it in, I have to take my time with it because I shave daily and it is blade finicky. I have been told here that the .68 is smoother and is a much better daily shaver.
  12. I tend towards the more aggressive razors, have tried both ATT versions but retained only the H Open Comb (as well as the slant). I have only the Timeless OC .95 version, and enjoy it - it may be a hair more aggressive than the ATT H OC, but I'm not that sensitive to swear to it .. I also have to take more time/care with the Timeless.

    From what you describe I'd go with the .68 ..
  13. I have a 95 OC and the R1. The R1 is my daily driver and I get DFS every time, try as I might the 95 leaves me with irritation if I attempt a second or third pass. I'd like to chalk it up to poor technique, but the R1 does a great job. For comparisons sake I have an average beard and prefer my slim on 7 to 9 which I find to be similar to the R1, maybe even a pinch more aggressive. Nothing negative to say about the 95 here, it is beautifully made and a fine instrument but is just a tad too efficient for my tastes.

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  14. I really like my .68 OC. Perfect Daily driver and plenty efficient.

    I had the .95 solid bar, but the gap was just a bit extreme for me...
  15. That's my plan, to eventually get both (By eventually I mean by this xmas, hehehe)
  16. Didnt know they had Titanium as an option! Have never used a titanium razor myself (only have Stainless Steel razors at the moment. Is there a big diff between stainless steel and titanium in weight and shave?
  17. Many thanks for your input! that sounds quite good!
  18. thats my concern with the 95. I dont want another "H2", just something more easier for the mornings that still gets BBS done.
  19. I agree as well. Seems the benefits of the 68 could outweight the risks of the 95 as my initial razor from timeless.

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