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Able to store Proraso in open air ?

I want to store soaps and creams in open air soap dishes on my bathroom sink (see photo below). Would it be okay to do so without reducing the quality of the soaps/creams? For instance if the water evaporates from the creams could they be revived with a wet shave brush, including the aroma ? I enjoy Proraso Green which comes in a sealed tube but would enjoy it even more from one of these soap dishes. The soap dish in the photo is available in solid beige and also solid maroon rather than the mixed colors in the photo.

What creams and/or soaps could be safely stored in this soap dish ?

Hard soaps should be fine. Soft soap might see some waste unless you remove the grill and stick it in the bottom part. These can often be revived with water. If you use it every day it should be fine.

I would avoid putting creams in this dish as it would dry out. Some creams might be revived by adding water, but most won't. No point ruining good tube creams this way. Proraso has a soft soap version.
If that dish is made of the material I'm thinking of, sort of a faux marble used for ash trays and such, then the dye may bleed out of it from constant contact with moisture.
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