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A word of thanks

To everyone still supporting our company during these very difficult & troubling times.

We remain open on a staggered shift pattern, operating to strict Government instruction in terms of safe distancing & hygiene protocols.

Website orders are still being dispatched as usual & custom orders addressed where possible.

Please safe stay everyone, together we will all get through this.

My heartfelt best,



The Aussie Bulldog
Thanks for keeping us informed. As mentioned by other members, stay safe.
Take care! Hopefully everyone will continue supporting businesses small and large throughout this mess.

Haven't tried a Simpson brush get, but that will likely be what I get when I'm ready to invest in a good quality badger. :)
Keep up the good work guys.

My love for Simpson brushes is as strong as ever. New Chubby 2 Synth and Chubby 1 in Best picked up this week along with a NOS Persian Jar 2 :ouch1:.

It's Hedley

I placed an order for my first Simpson brushes this week. Anna was a delight to work with and Mark, thank you for your prompt reply to my inquiry.
Simpson, your website has never worked properly on android tablet. It allows you to use the buy button, but there is no check out.
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