A very generous gift from DCRIII

Discussion in 'Brush Making and Restorations' started by CigarSmoka, Apr 10, 2019.

    This was a Christmas gift Dave (@DCRIII ) sent me. I should’ve posted a pic during the holidays but like many I was quite busy. I have no excuse for not posting one afterwards so Dave, please forgive me. This is his famous barber pole brush which I love. I’ve made a lot of brushes but I can’t make one like this, and that makes it special. He also sent me some Donkey Milk soap which is most excellent for my extremely sensitive skin. I develop a sensitivity to probably 80% of the creams & soaps I try so this one is a relief. Dave, thank you for your kindness during the holidays. This was a thoughtful and completely unexpected gift and like I said, it’s a special brush. You rock man!

  1. ackvil

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  2. L.A. Jones

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    Beautiful brush.
  3. ralph029

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    Very nice!
  4. Beautiful brush, love the pearl shimmer in the colours. I'm intrigued as to how you get cast resin to twist like that.
  5. ajkel64

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    Beautiful brush, congratulations. Very nice present.

    DCRIII Contributor

    You're quite welcome Jay, I'm very happy to hear that you like them!
  7. Wow that's beautiful. It looks like glass.
    It would be interesting to see how that is made! I could hazard a guess, but some things are better left mysteries.
  8. Graydog

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    The brush is nice , but that soap is the bees knees:)
  9. LOVE THEM!!!

    I have half an idea but I still can’t figure it out! Pretty ingenious of him. I agree some things are better left mysteries. Even if I knew I’d never tell, this is Dave’s thing and I’d keep it that way. Nonetheless I’ve still spent way too much time trying to figure it out.

    My skin loves it! It’s one of a very few I’ve tried that I get absolutely no tingle/burning/irritation from whatsoever.
  10. I like the shimmer of the mica too. He could’ve used opaque dyes which might look more authentic but the mica adds a lot of depth and certainly makes for a far better looking brush.
  11. @CigarSmoka I looked on Google a fair bit and although I see other soaps with donkeys I can't find that soap. Do you know the source for it?
  12. I'm really curious as to how you'd get the colours separated evenly. Are they cast all together or cast and bonded afterwards?
  13. This was a special gift from a friend :wink:

    Sorry but even though I know that part I won’t tell because Dave is a friend and this style is his baby. I hope you understand. Still, I can’t do it myself because I can’t figure the rest out, and I’m happy with that being his secret. I’m sure he spent a lot of time and I know for a fact he spent some serious coin to work the process out. Resin ain’t cheap and he went through a lot to get it right.
  14. Gotcha.
  15. I know how he did it:

  16. @DCRIII that is a beautiful brush. Exquisitely done. I can tell you took a lot of time and care in making it and it shows. You are an artist.
  17. Graydog

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    Dave are you sure you aren't related to Bob :)
  18. Who is bob
  19. DCRIII

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    Not even a little!
    He's the least talented of the family! :lol::a4:

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