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A trip down memory lane

Picked up the ol' Mach 3 this morning after not having used it in probably 3 months. Wanted to see the difference.

First thing I can say is that damn strip of blue goo on the tip of the cartridge left my face all slimy. It's funny that I used to like that and this morning it drove me nuts. i had to rinse and rinse and rinse to get my face clean. The second thing I noticed was that I was really having to apply pressure with two or three passes to get all the hair shaved off. It did a decent job against the grain and I can honestly say that there was zero irritation, however, I felt like I was raking my face with it, instead of just letting my Vision glide over my face.

The only area that I really think the M3 worked nicely was under my nose.

All in all, it pretty much sucked. It didn't leave my face near as smooth as the Merkur.

It was a nice reminder of why I made the switch

I recently had to shave with a M3 (short notice business trip and didn't have time to pack a bag). I had a similar experience and just didn't feel right all day long.

It's always nice being able to justify your (pricey) hobbies. I still have two mach 3 handles, but long ago ran out of blades and haven't bothered to buy anymore.

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