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A Timeless and Karve vote

You own both Timeless and Karve - Which do you prefer?

  • Timeless

  • Karve

  • No preference, they are just diffferent

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I have been using my Karve for a few years now. I started with the D plate and now have everything form A to F in SB. I use an ATT SE1/SE2 and an ATT G1, and my Karve has become almost my exclusive DE razor. However, I do have a Timeless Bronze .78 that I use occasionally.

To be clear: I am not at all looking for a "better" rating for one or the other, just your thoughts, feelings, preferences, frequency of use, etc. in relation to each other.

I've always been fascinated by Timeless razors and have been thinking lately of picking up a .95 SS plate. I'm really curious how these two stack up against each other with our B&B members. Thanks for participating.

Edited to add: Yeah, I realized I should have worded that title a bit differently. I hope my post here describes my motives more accurately.
Used to have Timeless Scalloped 0.95 with scalloped cap and Karve brass D sb ,E sb , E oc ,F sb and G (sb only ) .
Sold all of them ,at the end.

They are quite different razors in almost every aspect .
I liked more the Karve ones.
I’m more accustomed to razors that do not bend the blade and have a slim head.
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Timeless gets my vote. Karve was the first mid range razor I bought and I used it exclusively for a couple months. Then I started trying different razors and eventually purchased a Ti Timeless. Since I've purchased the Timeless I've used it almost exclusively and rarely get the Karve out any more.

What I like about the Timeless is that it is much more forgiving and easier to use without getting any nicks or cuts. I have to pay more attention and be more careful with the Karve. They both cut equally close, but the Timeless is much more forgiving of technique. Ymmv.
Well, I have a Timeless 0.95 OC SS and a Karve CB D Plate, sorry don't have the other plates, and D was the most aggressive at the time I purchased my Karve. They are VERY different animals, so it depends on what you're looking for. You didn't mention if you're looking at the SB, Scalloped, or OC Timeless.

The Timeless is obviously more efficient on the first pass, than the Karve, and will have more blade feel. The blade feel champ is the Timeless Bronze 0.78, which I originally purchased, and had to return...it always managed to grab part of one of the scars on my face, or any imperfection, leaving a nice weeper, regardless of the blade used. (Have a couple of scars from various accidents or events, and it always seemed to find them, yet the R41 Clone handles them fine, so go figure). The 0.95 OC is a ***** cat in comparison to the Bronze 0.78, being much smoother, not Karve smooth, but smooth, and efficient, but with some unmistakable blade feel. - They also look great in polished form.

The Karve is super smooth, it's all about smoothness, with decent efficiency. Even with that sizeable looking gap, the blade is neutral or possibly even negative exposure, making for a really smooth feeling shave. It is a three pass shave, not two passes to BBS, which can be done with the Timeless, with a sharp blade loaded. (Rockwell 6S R6 by comparison is a 3-4 pass shave for my face to achieve true BBS, as my growth is now gray, stiff, and a bit wiry, but is the smoothness champ, with nearly no blade feel, even with R6).

My preference out of the two, strongly depends on how aggressive a shave I want, the Timeless just does it quicker, whereas the Karve is the relaxed take your time for 3 passes shave. - I tend to chase BBS a bit, as if you're going to shave, might as well make it count. That said, my current favorites are actually the Rex Ambassador and Gillette New SC, with most shaves with the former, which also does a two pass BBS shave with relative ease.


I like both a lot, and have 5 plates for the Karve. But in the long run, if I had to choose just one it's the Timeless .68 that wins for me. The Timeless just seems smoother overall to me and does a darn good job. The .95 Timeless can be a bit too aggressive for me sometimes.
I have Karve stainless A and AA and Timeless stainless 0.68 sb.
Lately with a Feather blade I am enjoying both.
This is a very good question and at the moment no real favorite - kinda like which kid is the favorite - its both.
Much prefer my Karve (mostly use E and D SB plates). I find the Timeless head too bulky for my tastes. I will likely sell the Timeless soon as I barely ever use it. That said, the Timeless is a very nice razor and high quality. Just not in my top few.


I have a bronze Karve with C and D plates, a SS Karve with a D plate, and a Timeless SB .68. For me, the Timeless is the smoothest razor I own. I like the weight and balance of the Timeless and, for me, it is both efficient and smooth. The Karves are good razors IMHO - just not as good as the Timeless.
The Karve is super smooth, it's all about smoothness, with decent efficiency. Even with that sizeable looking gap, the blade is neutral or possibly even negative exposure, making for a really smooth feeling shave.
Some time ago Karve published their gap & blade exposure figures for all their plates. The "D" plate for both SB & OC was Gap-.98mm, Exposure .13mm positive. Timeless was Gap-.68mm, Exposure Neutral and Gap-.95mm Exposure .05mm positive(I believe). Karve's "B" plate (Gap-.73mm, Exposure neutral) would be very close to the Timeless .68 plate.
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