A tale of two Tuckaways

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  1. That silver or chrome?
  2. I assume silver...
    I didn't buy it though was itchy doing it just to find out.
    I have two NI with the late design already
  3. Terrific photo essay! Thanks for sharing. :thumbup:
  4. We've seen a few examples of Gillette starting to do chrome plating very late in the New Improved run. That looks a lot more like chrome than silver to me, and with the later style head the seems even more likely. I'd probably have grabbed it myself if I'd seen it.
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    I have about 8 Gillette razors in the Richwood, New Standard, Bostonian and Tuckaway family. All are wide flat base plate except for a 1929 Big Boy, S/N 106691C. I also have two NEW Deluxe family Gold razors and both are in the narrow flat base plate family. I take it that the last of the New Improved razor heads were made to the new narrow flat pattern as used on all the New Deluxe razors.

    Comparing top caps between the narrow and a wide, width is the same while my wide razor top cap seems to be about .008" longer but I have no idea what the manufacturing tolerances were back then. Visually the top caps seem to be interchangeable.

    Both a virtually unused Gold Long Comb and a similar condition Gold Tuckaway fall into the narrow base plate flat family as does my English slotted flat back base plate razor.

    I hope this info helps.
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    See my latest post here. I have a narrow flat base plate very late production Big Fellow. Not in pretty condition but useable.
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  8. Let us know when you clean it!
    Post photos in this thread please!
  9. So gentlemen, the consensus is the NI with the wider baseplate is preferable to the later models with the narrower base plate?
  10. Seems like it, which is good for me since I have the 15mm British version. Although there is now an itch to try a 13mm version. I would have thought that the differences in baseplate width would make more of a difference, but it seems like the top cap width (which in this case is equal) plays a bigger role.
  11. It would be cool if someone who has both versions could post side view photos (with blades in) to compare the two. I'm thinking that the width of the base will affect where the top cap makes contact and definitely influence the angles and exposure. a Wider base would increase the cutting angle, right? Although it might be so little that it doesn't affect the shave that much as evidenced by the shave tests.

    Here is an old photo from the 'Photo Analysis of Razor Designs' thread.

    NI Analysis.png
  12. Great thread & so much to learn about the different Gillette models!
  13. [QUOTE="MacDaddy, post: 6475164, member: 39239"I just love finding transitional forms like this. Really great find, Corny! :thumbup:


    Has anyone ever made a list of all the design elements that were carried over to different series? (i.e. from the New to the Tech...)
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