A Tale of 3 Razors:

Discussion in 'Single Edged Razors' started by L.A. Jones, Jun 5, 2019.

    I find the G a great shaver and not particularly aggressive. In fact I've held off getting any of the later Schick injectors because they're supposed to be even milder, which I probably would not enjoy.
  1. L.A. Jones

    L.A. Jones Contributor

    New blade helped a lot. Of course I still had the previous battle scars to deal with... looks like it was definitely the blade.
  2. L.A. Jones

    L.A. Jones Contributor

    Just shaved with a type F. Close shave but more irritation than I like. The F and G seem to give me trouble but the I, J, and L are nice.
  3. I find the F shaves very well with the Proline B-20 blades. Tougher to come by, but an excellent shave. The angle was slightly different with the F for me compared to my other injectors so it took a few shaves to really dial it in. The normal light touch you'd use with any sharp blade and a few days of practice might change your mind on it somewhat.

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  4. The later injectors are a tad milder as you have discovered. The G Model shaves best IMO with the Chinese Schick blade and not a Personna which works better in the later razors.
  5. L.A. Jones

    L.A. Jones Contributor

    I will have to give those a try.

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