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A surprisingly good shave from....

Campbell's liquid shave cream.

Not a glamourus product, I know. (This bottle is possibly different than what is currently on the market, as it has no ingredients list and I recived it with a lot of vintage Williams products.) The cream has a pearlescent appearance and a mildly citrinella, pastey scent. Not offensive, but somting I could grow to enjoy. What it does have is slickness to spare and a good, if not excellent, post-shave. However, it has a few flaws. It seems sensitive to over-watering, where the slickness vanishes with just a little too much H2O. Also, it takes a little elbow grease. The lather is always bubbly and thin to start, but settles down to a medium density foam with a litte work.

I decanted it to a dropper-bottle for easy use. I apply a nickel sized circle of cream to my left hand and just palm lather it.

I'm not saying everyone needs to try it. But, if you are looking for a cheap shave or a cream to use in super-lathers, at 4 to 5 bucks per 8 oz bottle, you could do worse.
I had a barber friend of mine give me a quick shave with it once but not with a brush. He applied it to my stubble by hand and did one pass WTG. It was decent, I guess.
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