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A Surprising BBS shave and I'm Ambidextrous!!

Hi everyone!

So I just recently got a lovely stainless steel dovo shavette with some Fromm blades and I thought to myself "you know what, I've never done a whole full leg shave with a straight or shavette, I always do a bit and then wuss out".

So with a crazed woman's look of determination in my eye to give it one heck of a go, I headed off to the bathroom with the Dovo all loaded, a boar brush and some Arko (easy for leg lathering).

Now I figured it might just fail. I thought I'd at least cut the knee off myself and that the results would be patchy at best and I'd just have to tidy things up with my Lady Gillette. I thought there was a high chance I'd just wuss out again.

I lathered up the first calf and set to it. The front was easy enough and I was surprising myself. But I didn't get overly confident - the front is always easy. Then came the sides... not impossible and easy enough to reach.

Then the back of the leg hit me. I was shaving my left leg using my left hand. I'm left handed so it's natural for me to use a shavette with that hand. Now you should stop reading this and try holding a straight of any kind and reaching around to the back of the leg on the same side as that hand and getting a good angle with the blade. I though I had hit a wall but no! In a DE shave at this point I would simply switch hands and shave the back part with my right hand so I figured I'd give it a go! It was more than strange to hold a shavette with my right hand but I was surprisingly adept with it! So once I knew about my shavette ambidextrous abilities the upper leg and right leg were fine.

Then I thought "in for a penny..." and shaved my underarms. What a tricky manouver that was. Definitly I'll be sticking to a DE there for sure! It was VERY tricky and I think I went a bit cross-eyed but I got the job done... however when I put deoderant on afterward - man - the burn! I never get that with a DE shave.

Now for the most surprising part. Aside from two tiny pin-point nicks it was the most BBS leg shave I've had in a long time. I was really genuinely surprised when I washed off the access cream and dried. :w00t:
I'll definitely be trying this again :thumbup:
Awesome!! Glad to hear you had a good first experience with your Shavette. :w00t::thumbup:

You are far more daring than I; I can barely shave my face with my straight (and I can see all part of that quite well) without causing myself some (and sometimes quite a bit of) harm. :blushing::blush:
Congrats on a great shave! I usually have to screw up a bit of courage to shave my face with a straight!

P.S. It's good to find another lefty here!


Moderator Emeritus
I'm still practicing ambidextrous to do my left side with a straight. It's tricky when you have been righty shaving with a safety razor your whole adult life.
I'm right handed, and shave my whole face with my right hand. Weilding a straight with my left hand scares the crap outta me....
Man, I'd give my left arm to be ambidextrous.

I should point out that I have in no way even close to the agility in my right hand that I have in my left. I'm amazed I didn't cut the calf off myself. I've always known I could do my make-up with both hands and that I shaved with a DE using both hands but I previously would have thought that using a straight, much like writing, would solely be a left-handed job for me.
I think I'm going to try and "hone" my new skills though (bad pun intended :biggrin1:)


I thought the title of the thread said surpassing BBS at first so I was thinking something like this:
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it was quite the learning experience to learn to use my non-dominant hand for straight shaving, but now that i have that down i wouldn't have it any other way.
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