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A Super speed and an adjustable

just received a super speed from a friend not sure the age or model other than it goes have a Gillette stamp. (Posting pics later) and will be receiving an adjustable from the same friend but both are old and have corrosion and tarnish and scum on them. My question is how best to clean/sterilization/polish these to make them usable with a reasonable amount of cleanliness and safety


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Dawn and hot water soaks, then a toothbrush with a little mothers polish for shine, and lastly a dunk in isopropyl alcohol if you get the willies! Oh and if it's a super adjustable, tape of the handle before you polish with carpenters tape. It's anodized aluminum. Polish will wreak havoc on it.

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That sounds like a Black Beauty. Made from 68-88. Date codes N-I. I clean all of my safety razors when I get them with some type of bathroom cleaner(Scrubbing Bubbles, CLR Bathroom) and a denture brush to get the soap scum off.

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My SS 1940s NDC is in progress. I had success to polish the head with Flitz liqueed, but the handle is still dirty. What is the best way to clean such rough surface?
You can use a soft brass bristle brush on nickel-plated to help get gunk out of the knurling/texture. Just don't go crazy with it.
I've had the best success with a long soak in hot water and Dawn dish soap. Hours, maybe even over night, if a razor is particularly gross. That does most of the work. I'll change out the water several times throughout the soaking to keep it warm. If it's a TTO, I'll agitate the razor under water many times to help dislodge any soap scum that may have built up inside the handle.
Once I feel that the Dawn has gone as far as it will go, then I'll bury the razor in a mountain of Scrubbing Bubbles foam and hit it with a soft toothbrush in all the nooks and crannies.

After I am certain that the razor is as clean as it's going to get, I will finally treat any of the shiny areas with a fine quality metal polish. Most of the time I'll use Maas or Mother's Mag polish, though there are many others to choose from.
Good luck with the razors, Doc. Good cleaning advice above. Don't obsess about the sanitation. All you need is a good rub with some rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide and you're good to go.

Not worried necessarily about human stuff still alive on it but the corrosion and gunk don't want that in my pores. Will try some dawn and hot water first then go from there

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Boil some water, fill a container deep enough to submerge a razor, add some Dawn. Drop the razors in and let them soak until the water cools, then I repeat the same process. After that I scrub them with an old toothbrush and Dawn, rinse under the tap and usually call it good enough.

If you still have anything on the razor you want to clean even more, go to a HomeDepot or hardware store and buy some of this.


It cost me $3.50 and it is awesome. If you have any cuts on your hand you may want to wear latex gloves or otherwise protect the cuts. It is completely nonabrasive.

The below pic is the cap of a Gillette Tech I had given to me. I polished the cap with AutoSol and assumed the dark lines would stay unless I polished the finish right off too.


I wet the cap, dusted it with Bar Keepers Friend and rubbed with my thumb. Rinsed it and did it once more and below is the result.



Lots of YouTube vids. This stuff is amazing and makes things you never thought would shine again, shine brightly.
I wouldn't stick that Black Beauty in boiling water.

Captain Murphy will clean and refurb those for you extremely reasonably.


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I'd be very careful of calling Bar Keepers Friend nonabrasive. It contains a mineral abrasive component (feldspar).
Their own website also recommends to avoid using it on gold and silver.
Bar Keepers Friend® Cleanser & Polish - Barkeepers Friend

I was told it was nonabrasive and in my fingers I can feel no grit whatsoever. Compared to the AutoSol I generally use, which is a mild abrasive, it seems completely nonabrasive to me. Just dont get it in a cut!

In a water bath:

You may be right, as I dont see it being used as a polishing compound. Either way, it certainly works!
I've tried Bon Ami (hasn't scratched yet, so they say) with a soft toothbrush after a Scrubbing Bubbles bath and a Dawn (to dusk) soak..
Worked well and pretty safe for the razor.
Id scrub it down with some Dawn and a toothbrush. You dont have to use anything too aggressive on it because it can easily damage the finish. Once you get it clean enough to where youre happy with it, just give it a bath in some isoproyl alcohol. That should be all you need to kill any germs or bacteria that is on it.
Ive got a black beauty that was made in '80 and its a wonderful razor. I dont use it every day but I pull it out every now and then and Im yet to have a bad shave with it.
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