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A subjective question though I feel the need to ask it. Soap or stick?

Applying a stick to my face usually irritates my skin and causes me to break out. I don't see any difference between a stick and swirling your brush over a puck and face lathering. The only difference is the extra step of rubbing the harsher stick over my face. Tub loaded brushes don't bother my skin nearly as much. I'm a tub guy. When i use the Arko stick it has been smushed into a tub.
I’m a face latherer but prefer pucks to sticks. I like to load the brush up with more soap than I can reasonably get with a stick.
With a stick on the road, one can build a lather from the tip of the stick with a very small brush, then finish lathering on the face. Trick is to run a little hot water from the faucet across the tip before loading the brush. Note: I only use a stick on the road. The ubiquitous Arko excels in this way, coupled with, say, a Simpson Classic 1 synth travel brush.
discontinued tubs of La Toja are out there.

A while back I turned some Mitchell's Wool Fat into a stick and it is now so easy to make a great lather. None of the problems I read about with it. Used one of those deodorant type tubs someone posted earlier.
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