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GIVEAWAY! A Starter Kit to Keep or PIF

December is upon us! Last Christmas everyone in my immediate household received a Shave Kit from Santa, including my 2 boys 2 girls and of course SWMBO!!

I have tried giving gear to buddies and it just didn't work ☹️.

This PIF is offered to any B&B member who has not won a PIF in the last 3 months and I will ship world wide. If you want to re-PIF this please feel free!

Razor: Edwin Jagger DE89LBL - Purchased Aug 2021, used about 20 times. Its been sterilized and ultra sonically cleaned.
Brush: Razorock Keyhole - Its been bowl lathered once, but I couldn't get the hang of its so it has never touched my face. Its been cleaned in a citric acid soak.
Soap and Preshave: Proraso Red, brand new purchased last December.

I have the matching aftershave splash but will only ship that within Canada!
December PIF.jpg

PIF will close Sunday midnight EST. Entries will be picked out of a hat by SWMBO Monday and I will mail this off Tuesday so hopefully it will arrive in time for Chistmas!
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