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A Special Score


If I may be so bold as to call myself out for special attention :redface:...

This was my first real "score" after my initial order of gear, and it was a pretty special week. I'll get pictures, time permitting, but here's the list:

Pre-owned Old Spice Mug (*)
Pre-owned cheapo boar brush (*)
Canned goo heater (*)
Antique shaving mirror (**)
Mama Bear soap (Amber Romance)(***)
Blade Sampler (***)
Leisureguy's Guide (***)

(*) This is priceless, literally, to me. My now deceased father in law had gotten started with wetshaving before he passed away, unexpectedly, just three days before we were flying to visit anyway. I never knew he'd started wetshaving (or at least I'd forgotten it), 'til my MIL mentioned she had some of his gear and wanted me to have it. While the brush will be display only, and the canned goo heater will go somewhere, too, the mug is sinkside as I type.

(**) My MIL's new husband was rummaging through a soon-to-be-demolished house in rural Missouri in the early 70s and found a shaving mirror. (Yes, he kept it in storage all this time...he's a packrat. And I'll never say a bad thing about that habit again!) He added it to my Score this week, along with my FIL's gear.

(***) The wonderfully generous gentleman, Leisureguy, provided these sample items, along with an autographed copy of his Guide (great read!) and a very pleasant 15 minute chat.

Total outgo: $12
Total value: Absolutely priceless.

great score! Nice story about the old spice mug (it is great to have an item with such rich sentimental value...and to put it to good use so as to truly appreciate it). Hats off to leisureguy for his generosity as well.

Nice going!:a14: :a14:
Thanks, Gents. I can't believe I overlooked a not-yet-found in MIL's garage, but coming-my-way antique DE razor that FIL used. Make and model are unknown, but as you can guess, I could not possibly care less what the make and model are. Worst case, it takes a position of prominence in the shave den.

Double-bonus for me! :biggrin:
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