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A Sincere Thank You To B&B and All It's Great Members

After having been here for only a few months, I just had to post my thought's publicly.

From the moment I logged into this forum I have felt nothing but the utmost sense of true "Gentlemanly" as well as "Genteel Ladylike" Behavior and conversation from everyone I have encountered here. This speaks Volumes for the caliber of folks that call the B&B home.

Without a second thought from anyone I have received advice and answers to all of my questions and even some good natured light ribbing to put me back on track when I went towards a possibly bad shaving direction.

Everything from blade selection advice, to DE Razor advice, to my first restorations of both DE's and Straight razors all the way down to my very first handmade shave brush. Everything has been made fun and enjoyable by ALL of you.

I have, (after having gained more experience), even been able to help others out myself on occasion to pass on the knowledge that has been passed on to me.

So all in all I just want to say it out in the open. "Thank You to One and All Here at B&B" You all are a cut above in this Sailors eyes.


Thank you everyone for the comments. I appreciate it. I started this thread because I Believe it needed to be done. A Thread Purely out of Humble Appreciation for an Online Forum with a High Class, Refined and Polite atmosphere. That is a very hard thing to find in this cyber age and it is Very Much Appreciated by me and clearly Many, Many others.
I haven't found another place on the internet where people demonstrate the level of caring or civility that happens here everyday. This is the best forum on the internet in my opinion.
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