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A salute to the humble Edwin Jagger DE89

I have the DE89 as a backup razor at my folk’s place when I visit (i.e. holidays, etc.)

I have a few razors in the den now to rotate (i.e. ATT, Timeless, Karve, Gillette Tech, Rockwell 6S) and I’m not saying this to brag.

With a fresh blade, I get as good a shave as with any of those premium shavers. Period.

The interesting part is by not using the DE89, I realize more where its strenghts are. I agree this is more a « medium » shaver as opposed to the milder ones out there. Blade feel is actually quite good and you can really feel how much aggression you can apply angle wise. I find this to be a plus because it’s giving you better feedback.

For what it is, I think it’s a rock solid all rounder with a fresh sharp blade in it.
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