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A salute to the humble Edwin Jagger DE89


The Lather Maestro
I've been experimenting with a lot of razors lately, but I can honestly say that if I had to pick one razor and toss ALL the others, the EJ would still be in my den. I'm glad I don't have to make that choice, but coupling the EJ DE89 head with a heavy 316 stainless steel handle creates a shaving tool that is hard to beat, IMO. Even by the $200+ CNC new hotness everyone seems to love around here.
You’re so right @AZBronco in everything you said about it in your first post. My DE89 was my second DE razor, which I bought in July 2013. 8 years later I now own 10 DE razors and I used my DE89 exclusively for months earlier this year. I keep returning to it because I find it’s almost effortless to use it but also enjoyable. I paid the “princely“ sum of £19.20 for mine and it’s been worth every penny. It’s great to read how superb their customer service is as well.

My first DE razor was the old Wilkinson Sword Classic. Now that‘s what I would call a mild razor! I still own that one but seldom use it. It just doesn’t have the same appeal as my DE89, which I purchased roughly 3 months into DE shaving. Undoubtedly it’s the most used razor in my collection and I’d never be without one.
It was my first DE razor as well, sold it a bit too quickly because I thought it didn't do too good of a job. But it was really me in the beginning. Since then, I have replaced it with other mild razors (R89 en Gillette Tech), but wouldn't mind trying a DE89 again with the experience I have now! I bet if falls in the same ballpark as my R89 and Tech, which I love!
I just got the head as a replacement part and put it on my own handle. Come to think of it, it might be safer to say the Muhle R89 head has been updated with the brass post. The geometry and feel of the Muhle R89 and Edwin Jagger DE89 is the same, though.
Wish EJ does the same with the DE89. I own an use a Muhle R89 regularly but prefer the EJ 89 handles.
I just returned to using a safety razor after 40+ years. After doing my research, I bought the EJ DE89. It shaves like a dream. No disposable, multi-blade ever shaved this good. It is a beautiful razor, too. The fit and finish are better than many others that cost much more. I got the long handle with lines. Simply great.
The problem with the design of the R89 is that the safety bar is too deep -meaning it doesn't shave close enough, such as when shaving ATG under the nose. For this reason I prefer close comb razors with a slimmer safety bar
So far, I don't have this problem with the DE89. Isn't the R89 a Muhlë? Not the same razor, I don't think. The EJ DE89, for me, simply glides. I like it so much I am trying to find a stainless that is as good. I was recommended a Game Changer 68.
Isn't the R89 a Muhlë? Not the same razor, I don't think.
Edwin Jagger and Muhle collaborated on the design of the head. They are each manufactured separately, but they share the design.

The Gillette Heritage head is manufactured by Muhle, the only differences being cosmetic as I understand.
Great point. I think sometimes it comes across as "once you've figured out the DE89, it's time to move on to something else" which isn't necessarily true. It's obviously not the best razor for everyone and everyone is welcome to go down the rabbit hole--I know I did!
I did too. It is a rite of passage.

I'm also surprised by how many people have revisited the DE89. I did that too. It is now one of my favorite razors. For many years I wanted to sell it, but since it is so inexpensive I figured that it was not worth the effort. Now it is going nowhere. The DE89 is now part of my rotation and I look forward to shaving with it.

It is not my most efficient razor, but it will not bite or irritate my face. It will give you a carefree and gentle shave and leave you looking more than presentable for any occasion.
I shaved with my new Muhle R89 today. I bought it months ago and never found myself interested in trying it. The EJ DE89 was my first razor 8 years ago, but I sold it quickly and never looked back

Well, I have to say, I had a fantastic shave today with a Gillette Platinum in its 4th use. Very smooth and very very close. It doesn’t feel as safe as the AS-D2 because of the lack of blade rigidity, but it felt very efficient. I’m happy to have it and will definitely use it more frequently, paired with my UFO Colibri stainless handle
+1 on everything AZBronco says. Mine is many years old and looks and performs great. As he notes pressure and angle is paramount but once mastered easy DFS+-BBS shaves are easy and irritation free. BTW if the edge of the blade touches your skin you have an efficient razor. The rest is on you. As for beginner razor, I guess after 40+ years, I am a beginner.

Great post.
So true!
It was my first Safety razor and now while having many more razors, each time I use DE89, it surprises me again with a great shave.
I think if I hadn't started traditional wet shaving with DE89, I would still have been using cartridge 😳
I concur, great, great razor. The head is very similar to the Merkur 34HD and the shave is similar, although I prefer the Merkur due to what I consider a better handle and better balance.

Here goes the YMMV factor. I would not classify the DE89/34HD as "mild" as they are not in the same category as the Gillette Tech, Feather ASD2, or Progress set on 1-1.5 all of which I consider "mild." I'd say "medium" or "medium light." I do believe that there is a large step up in efficiency when going to the DE89/34HD as compared to one of the "mild" razors.
There’s nothing cheap or humble about the DE 89. If I bought one new it would exceed the cost of every razor in my den.
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There’s nothing cheap or humble about the DE 89. If I bought one new it would exceed the cost of every razor in my den.
In a shave den filled with stainless steel and titanium and unobtainium razors, the DE89 truly is cheap and humble. But so is a Mazda Miata in a garage filled with Ferraris -- it works fine, just costs less.

A while after I started DE shaving, I got tired of my Tech ($5) pulling and irritating my skin. I bought my DE89 when I was told (on another forum) that the DE89 offered significantly gentler shaves than the Tech. The DE89 was an improvement, and seemed expensive at the time. (It was my most expensive razor until I got a Mekur Progress, which is "most expensive" now.)

After a few months with the DE89, I tried the Tech again -- no pulling or irritation. My technique had improved.

. Charles
I still have not found a reasonably priced stainless razor that shaves as good as my DE89. If something happened to it, I'd buy another in a heartbeat. I love that razor. I know a lot of people want EJ to come out with a stainless razor with a head exactly like the DE89 and they haven't. I cannot understand their hesitancy. It would really put a hurting on the sales of all other razors if they did so.
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