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A Rose is a Rose..Razor/Blade question

Having found a comfort level with a Red Tip/Personna Med Prep (PMP) I get BBS cheeks and DFS+ neck/jaw. That took a few months after starting with a Super Adjustable on #3. Recently got a Gillette New (GN+PMP) and heard the Lion roar albeit the closest shave I have experienced so far...once, but not the second time . Every week or two I go back to the GN to see if my technique is improving, it is but it is not a joy. A GBar and 1912 with Gem coateds are a breeze FYI, barely a red spot but not as close as that GN.
Would going to a smooth but less 'sharp' blade alter the bite or is agressive always a thorny rose. What has your experience been?
if its irritation your talking about i have found a smooth blade doesn't sacrifice too much closeness but is much more comfortable. i am referring to the difference between a feather and a Gillette yellow. the Gillette lasted longer for me and caused less irritation but with proper technique can give you just as close a shave as feather regardless of razor type. YMMV
best of luck
It takes a lot of experience with a lot of different razors to adjust your technique for the razor you are using. Some razors just have to be used differently. They can be mastered but they has to be used. Use them on a Saturday or Sunday when you have a little extra time.
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