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INFO! A reminder -Discussion about commercial activity

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No matter how small and unprofitable your "hobby" enterprise or other commercial venture might be, if you are taking money for goods or services, we need you to not talk about those goods or services here at B&B. Our keystone principle here at Badger and Blade is to have the forum completely uncoloured by commercial influences, and we ask all our members to "err on the side of caution" in that regard.
We do allow members to promote their own businesses within the parameters of the Vendor program, so if you have any sort of enterprise or commercial venture, check it out. Our vendors have dedicated subfora where they can promote themselves and their goods and services; outside those confines, however, it's "zero tolerance".
We set very high standards for B&B ... both for the members, and for ourselves. One of our community's greatest strengths is the broad support we receive for those high standards, which makes B&B the internet oasis of sanity and politeness that it is. Thank you for your active support and participation to keep making B&B ever better.
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Not open for further replies.