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A rather unusual PIF...

A rather unusual PIF, but anyways...

A few years ago, after spending too much of my life having trouble, sweating, suffering and replacing one cheap keyboard after another, I finally took a deeper look into this particular subject, read about it a little, and decided to buy me a serious professional high-class keyboard. I picked a very special all-american company located in Austin, Texas, which is on the forefront of high-quality mechanical keyboard design. I bought my first serious keyboard. The difference was striking. I'm enjoying it to this very day.
To make a stupid short story even shorter - after that, I immediately bought a second, just being so happy with it. I didn't take their claim about their products being designed for a lifetime of use literally enough. Now I have a superfluous high-class keyboard lying around taking free space. I can sell it, of course, but I rather PIF it among my friends in this community.

So here it goes, a PIF with a randomly picked winner, guys:

Das Keyboard Model S Professional Mechanical Keyboard
Wow, that is different.
I just keep buying junk to go with junk when it comes to computers as Im very low on the ladder when it comes to finding uses for computers. Lucky I have a friend that retired from HP. So when my junk breaks and before i toss it out the window, he cones over and makes it work like new junk. Ha.

So put me in on this one. Id love to upgrade.
Not in, but I know this keyboard well. I use one on my work MacBook Pro. It's not quite as suited to my tastes as the buckling-spring Unicomp I use on my home computer, but it's so good that I don't notice it, which is high praise from me for a keyboard. It has also lasted a long time.

Tl;dr: Das Keyboard is the really, really good stuff.


The Lather Maestro
I AM IN! Thank you!

I work at a computer all day. And I learned to type on these in high school (yeah, I'm old). I think I might like that keyboard!

Wow—great PIF. I’m in. I haven’t used a mechanical keyboard in years and am frequently disappointed in modern junk keyboards.
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