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A question for moss scuttle users

I've been using my scuttle for about four weeks, and while I love how it retains warmth throughout the shave, I've been running into a problem. Before I delve into the problem, here is my general process.

1) boil some water in my hotpot, fill both chambers of the scuttle, and plop my brush in the water in the middle section.
2) Shower
3) Remove brush and let the water drip out, use a washcloth to soak up the remaining water in the main chamber, leaving just a bit behind.
4) Whip up cream/soap in a separate, larger bowl (I have big brushes and don't have enough room in the scuttle to do the job). Lather face, place brush in bowl, and start shaving.

Here is where my problem comes in, while I generate a furious amount of lather, and transfer as much of it into the brush and scuttle, when I pull out my brush for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th passes, the lather has seemed to disappear, leaving only a very airy, bubbly lather remaining. I get some lather to start to appear again by swirling the brush on my face, but not nearly as much as the first pass, and I often find myself hitting the larger bowl again to regain some. I'm starting to think that the scuttle gets so hot that all the water in the lather is evaporating and leaving behind only soap/cream residue. Does anyone else run into this problem? Should I reduce the temp of the water I'm putting into the scuttle?
I use hot tap water, fill the scuttle and the sink and let it scuttle and brush soak in the sink while I'm in the shower. So far all I've used are creams and I don't have the problem you mentioned.
Your scuttle is to hot - you are dehydrating your lather, I also fill my scuttle in the kitchen with boiling water- in the bottom only I leave it while I shower (my brush is soaking in the sink in my bowl with hot tap water) when I am done showering and making my lather the scuttle is just about right- as I make subsequent passes I will dip my brush tips in the sink to add more water if necessary,hope this helps!
Concur with Jim.
Sounds like your scuttle is WAY too hot. Try not QUITE boiling water next time, go a little less hot. Should work a lot better without evaporating your lather.
John P.
I'll go along with the consensus here. Just use hot tap water. Using boiling water ( or near boiling water) may eventually lead to a crack in the scuttle.

I got a question to attach here.

Where are some places to purchase a scuttle? I'm interested in getting one because I have a hard time keeping my lather warm.

I just had mine delivered. I ordered the larger version, it's big enough to build my lather in with a Vulfix 2234 brush, I think the smaller scuttle would be too small for this brush.

Very happy with mine, even though it cost a lot to have delivered to the UK.

Mmmm hot lather. :drool: :001_wub:
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