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A question about vintage soap scents

I have a question about vintage shaving soaps, like some of my collection shown below - why have the scents apparently faded?


I know I know - it is because the scents fade over time and they are decades old. So, why do the soaps I use in the shower, shown below, smell much stronger despite being similar in age?


The same observation for two Yardley varieties, Shulton Old Spice, and Fabergé Brut, and I have seen the same with Goya and others. In every case the shave soap scent is weaker than the equivalent regular bar soap, even for NOS sealed shave soaps. Is it by design, i.e. the shave soaps were manufactured with weaker scents than the bar soaps, or have the shave soap scents faded more due to differences in ingredients?
Interesting question. TBH it's not unexpected i guess, altho i didn't realize that the scent in soaps increases with age.

Maybe it's something to do with how it's made. Perhaps as soap ages it dehydrates slightly increasing the strength of the scent.

I have noticed that the scent of shave creams commonly fades as they age. Now I'm going to have to take more notice of the soaps going forward.


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Cosmetic companies might have determined that soap used on the face had to be more lightly scented because that’s where your nose is.
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