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GIVEAWAY! A PIF for the Canadians - King C Gillette and more

There's too many "CONUS Only" PIFs, so let's have one just for Canadians, on our Turkey Day, even!

I've had the King C Gillette razor for about a month and I've concluded that while it's a nice razor, it simply doesn't have a home in my collection, so let's find it a good home! And to make it feel welcome, I'm sending it along with a few things to make a starter set out of it.

What's included:
-The King C Gillette razor
-A Maggard 22m 2-band badger brush with gunmetal aluminum handle
-A new puck of Tabac (tallow formula) in the ceramic bowl
-A sampler pack of blades including 5 each of the following: King C Gillette, Nacet Stainless, Astra Superior Stainless, Tiger Platinum, Gillette Platinum (dark blue), Polsilver Super Iridium, Kai, and Shaverboy.

Who can enter: anyone with a mailing address in Canada

How long is it open: I'll close entries at midnight PST on Halloween night and use random.org to pick the winner.


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FarmerStan the Man
I don't qualify, but I'm close! I'm a Michigander.

The next best thing to being Canadian. Thank you for a VERY generous PIF my friend to the North!


The Lather Maestro
NOT IN, but bless you for taking care of our Canuckistanian neighbors! The shipping from here to there or vice versa is nuts! But we have so many great Canadian members, I'm so glad to see a Canada PIF! I did one to a Candian recently but was shocked by the shipping. Bless you, sir!
Not in, very nice gesture. Hard to find the King Gillette blades that come with that razor, folks seem to like them a lot.
Amazing PIF. I'm opting out as shipping to Vancouver Island is ridiculous. Just wanted to acknowledge such a wonderful and kind thing for somebody to do for a stranger. Cheers.
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