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A PIF for comedians, part 2

So due to my limited amount of vanity space, bad financial management skills, and consumerism tendencies, I now have an excess of shaving gear and there is still more on the way.

And, let's be honest, shaving is a hard topic to bring up to people if they aren't enthusiastic about it, so this is the best place to give away some stuff and know it will get used.

Up for grabs is a once used tub of Stirling Ben Franklin, an equinox shavette and probably 90 derby premium blades, clubman soap, and a Simpson Special best badger. Full disclosure the Simpson is losing hair, but still has some life left in it.

So to enter, please leave a joke, and I will pick a winner sometime soon.

If you don't know any jokes, you can use Google, but don't tell anyone. That will be our little secret.

Good luck!


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A very generous PIF!! Respectfully, I must decline to enter. I am planning on paring my den in the near future.
I am in! (My earlier joke was deemed too risqué by the mods and deleted.)

A priest and a rabbi get into a car accident. After they got out of their cars and inspected the damage, the priest turned to the rabbi and exclaimed, "Thank the lord that we are both uninjured!"

The rabbi replied, "Yes! Thank God we are unhurt! Look, I have this bottle of sacramental wine in the trunk; why don't we have a drink to celebrate?" as he removed the Manischewitz wine from the trunk and handed the bottle to the priest.

The priest and took a drink from the bottle before handing the bottle back to the rabbi. Instead of drinking, however, the rabbi screwed the cap back on the bottle and put it back in his trunk.

"Aren't you going to have a drink?" the priest asked.

The rabbi replied, "I'll wait until after the police report."

Yi ban a Swede from North Dakota
Been on the farm about 3 years
Jump on trolley car go to Minnesota
Just to see the big state fair.

I am not in.
This is just part of a song I tried to learn when I was playing the piano. Just some sillyness.
My dad had some Yogi Yogersson records, reminds me of those
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