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A personal Method Shaving update

Hello to all.

I was down in South Austin today and while I was in the area I decided to stop by CAR's shop to pick up some Feather Blades. I've never used the Feathers, but I'm hoping they'll help me get a closer shave underneath my jawline.

At any rate, I walked in and picked up some blades and sampled all of the fragrances while Charles chatted with another Gentleman (I won't say about what, I can't give away all my secrets). When I was checking out, Charles said he had read my first B&B post. He thanked me for putting it out there. It reminded me that I should probaby do a follow-up. (Side note: CAR has eyes everywhere! He sees all. :tongue_sm :w00t: )

My follow-up is pretty simple, things are going very well and I've learned a few things. The initial rash I had talked about on my neck has almost completely disappeared. I think there are three main things that have helped with this.
  1. I learned to lighten up on my strokes.
  2. I have temporarily reduced the passes on the problem area to just one (today I upped it to two passes and so far so good).
  3. The Hydrolast after shave conditioner. It feels great after a close shave and I think it has really helped the overall health of my skin.
I'm still open to trying new products. For example, I just procured some Truefitt & Hill West Indian Limes Shave Cream and hope to give it a try soon. But the Hydrolast products have really proven themselves to me and I plan to stick to them for daily, non-experimental shaving. Method shaving has also proven itself to me as well, specifically the cutting forms. Even using Barbasol and Bics, I bet you could get a better shave using the cutting forms than with standard "grain" shaving.

I'm still searching for lightbulb closeness, but I'm sure that will come with time and practice. Even if it doesn't, I'm still getting the closest and best shaves of my life.
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