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A Number of Random Questions

That can be a challenge even with sight. I will say that bladefeel and sound are sometimes the only indicator that I'm actually shaving, and milder razors with low/no blade sensation can be deceptive. Maybe mildness is a two-edged sword (or blade, bad pun). I used to have a tendency to shave "shallow" or riding the top cap, and my shaves improved more recently when I shave "steeper" tending toward the bottom guard, keeping the head more perpendicular to the skin--especially in the first pass. If you want to try a different TTO/butterfly razor, I'd be happy to mail you a spare Gillette Flare Tip SuperSpeed I have kicking around.
That's a great offer—I don't think it's necessary though. I probably just need more persistent practice and to replace my blades more often. I might also be striving for an unnecessarily close shave and being plo hard on my skin.


I shaved a fortune
@ShavingBlind , first of all, welcome to the B&B community. Second, you are getting sincere and excellent advice. I don't have anything more to add. It sounds like you are already well on your way.
Is there anything wrong with brushing a lather in your hand rather than a bowl?

Wrong? I don't think so. Bowl lather, face lather, E-Z Bake Oven, whatever. The point is to end up with a slick, well-hydrated lather on your mug. How you do that is less important, IMO.

How do I use both edges of a safety razor efficiently?

I've always just sort of semi-consciously switched from side to side during the shave. Over the course of a few shaves, it probably evens out just fine. I wouldn't worry too much about it.

when I shave a lot of the lather comes off of my face and onto the razor which seems to interfere with the shave

Interfere? Like, not lubricating enough? If so, perhaps you're going a bit too steep w/ your angle? But, even then, if you're lather is good there should be enough residual slickness for your shave. You may want to try riding the cap a bit more or at least moving your angle in that direction to see if it makes a difference.

I often find I need to lather my face multiple times while shaving

Then you are doing it right, IMHO. For me, every pass gets lather. I also re-lather mid pass sometimes if need be. My advice would be too lather as often as you need to keep the shave comfortable. That's what you made it for after all.
A couple even more random questions:

Shave at night or in the morning?
If shaving right before work, before or after getting dressed? (I assume after, but I typically shave after a night shower so I'm curious.)
I can't imagine wet shaving with clothes on. :) I always shave after my morning shower. I'm still naked. And (if you haven't guessed) I am a bachelor. :-D
Welcome to B&B! You are doing just fine and will become even better with all the great advice so far. This is as much art as it is science - and the science part is sir literally: “what would happen if I …?” For me that’s half the fun of DE shaving.

The more you shave the better your technique will be. Biggest takeaway: no pressure!!!


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