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A Newbie's Review of the RazoRock SS Lupo DC Double-Edge Razor

I recently picked up the Lupo Dual comb, so I thought I'd throw my 2-cents in the can.

I can't compare it to all that many other razors, but I did have a nice shave with it tonight. I used a brand new GSB blade.

For some context, I took off a week's worth of growth. My beard is thick and coarse. Arbitrarily, I decided to do the 1st pass with the .95 side, the 2nd pass with the .72 OC side, and the 3rd pass with the .95 side. I needed very little clean-up.

As advertised, the .72 side is slightly less aggressive than the .95 side and very smooth. It doesn't feel like an open comb at all. In comparison to the .68P Game Changer, I like it Lupo .72 OC better. It's more efficient and arguably more smooth (at least on my face). Owning the .68p feels a little redundant for me right now. Others (especially daily shavers) would likely disagree.

The .95 side is a go-getter. It went right at a week's worth of growth with no problem and I have a thick beard. In my short experience, I found it to be just as comfortable as the .84p Game Changer. That said, I might feel differently if I was using it as a daily driver. I've also used the .84 OC (which I like a lot for taking off more than a week's worth of growth) and it has a more aggressive feel to me than the .95 SB side on the Lupo. I also like the fact that the Lupo has small lather grooves in the safety bar, which the Game Changers do not have. Despite being a go-getter the .95 is still a very smooth shaver.

Both sides of the Lupo have a little blade feel, but it's not scary. There is just enough to let you know what's going on. As I get better, I'm learning I like a little blade feel in my razors. I'm relatively new to wet shaving with a DE and in my opinion, the Lupo DC is not a crazy aggressive razor. Is it a daily driver? Probably not for most, but if you like razors that are more efficient, you'll like the Lupo.

The Lupo Dual comb is a versatile razor for sure. It is currently my 2nd favorite razor just slightly behind my Timeless SS .95 OC. I imagine that most folks could do without the .72 OC side of the razor, but I like having the variety. Also, it will make an excellent travel razor so I can leave the Timeless at home. Considering how much the Lupo costs compared to the Timeless, it's really an amazing razor.

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