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A newbie hello and (of course) questions!

Good day all, hope you're well. I've been lurking for a while now but figured it was time to get stuck in :)

I'm fairly new to the fragrance world but one of my guilty pleasures is still Cliniques "Happy for Men". Does anyone know of a more refined type of fragrance similar to this?

Also, and my apologies if this is a daft question, but how much attention do you pay to your deodorant when it comes to which fragrance you wish to wear? I usually aim for something non-offensive which doesn't clash with anything. Is there a decent base or standard deodorant which goes with certain types of fragrance?

Lastly! I see a lot of the "where to buy" threads result in recommendations for US sites. Can anyone point me to some good UK dealers? I live in the absolute middle of nowhere so local shops are extremely unlikely to stock anything worth while!

Thanks in advance for any help/tips/advice!
Welcome hatchelt!

Can't help you with the Clinique Happy, having never smelled it before, but people on Fragrantica report that it smells similar to:

1) Avon - Full Speed,
2) Abercrombie & Fitch - 41 Cologne, and
3) Botanique - Citrus.

Neither of those three would be any more refined, I'd suspect. Looking at the notes you may want to check out Hermes' D'Orange Vert Concentre.

I have two deodorants at the moment - one is my usual unscented roll-on antiperspirant which I always have on hand, and the other is a bottle of Lynx Dark Temptation antiperspirant that I bought as people think it smells like Rochas Man/Michael Jordan Legend/New Haarlem. It does - hence I only wear it when I wear any of those fragrances. I won't buy it again but it was a cheap way to find out if people were full of sh*t :)
Something from Dove or Nivea would likely hold you in good stead for not clashing with your fragrance. I find their stuff very mildly-scented.

Cheapsmells has now changed its name to www.allbeauty.com so I would probably start there since you're in the 'middle of nowhere'.
It will all depend on what you're after. Let us know a few brands in which you're interested and someone here will likely come up with a UK store.
Give John Varvatos Artisan a try if you like the citrus (especially orange). If it's the aquatic/breezy style you like there are many in that category. You might start with Chrome Legend or ADG. Both are pretty common but might be good options.

On the higher end, try Bleu de Chanel.

I use unscented deodorant, but agree that most deodorants won't conflict.
If you like citrus, consider Trumper GFT, Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet, Penhaligon's Douro Eau de Portugal, or Santa Maria Novella Russian Cologne.

As for deodorant, that's not a daft question at all. I go strictly fragrance free. As I see it, the whole point of a deodorant/antiperspirant is to keep my underarms from smelling at all, not just to make them smell different.
Welcome! I don't use many fragrances but I kind of try to pair shaving soap and aftershave scents. Recently I've been also trying to get close with deodorant as well. I use Old Spice AS and deodorant together and when I use Clubman I go with a deodorant that is powdery.
Thanks all for the warm welcome and recommendations! I'm going to look up all of the ones in this thread and run them through the Decant Shop.

What's the general consensus about buying full bottles through Amazon?
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