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A new version of Moonjava

Rudy Vey

I came across a different color scheme of the famed Moonjava, this is in a southwestern color scheme: burned oranges, blue as the sky and turquoise as the main colors. It is a great looking material, just comes in one size that is good for about a 24 mm knot.
Let me know how you like this new stuff...$IMG_4280.jpg$IMG_4281.jpg$IMG_4282.jpg$IMG_4283.jpg$IMG_4284.jpg
That is beautiful. I almost wish it has wider bands though. I might have to get some at some point anyways though to remember my time in NM.
looks like the perfect brush to whip up some patchouli soap! :001_cool:
Nice! I'm not a fan of the multi-colored, groovy brushes but it isn't as outlandish as some others. I like the handle design though, and done with one of them faux-ivory/ marble type stocks might look good on my window sill.