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A New Shaving Oil for Electrics

DUPLICATE POST --SORRY, RAN INTO A GLITCH WHEN POSTING THIS THREAD. THE SITE KEPT TELLING ME THERE WAS A PROBLEM POSTING THIS! I've posted before that I really like Shave Secret shaving oil as a lubricant with water splashed on before shaving. With My Panasonic ARC 5, I've actually been able to achieve closer shaves than with my DE and injector razors, which always seemed to miss a spot or two. I recently went on Amazon to see what might be new in shaving oils. I came across Tree Hut bare Moroccan Rose moisturizing shave oil. I got some to try. Shave Secret is a great clove scented oil, but this Tree Hut product is an oil lotion. It's thicker than Shave Secret so I was a little concerned that it would provide too much cushioning resulting in a less close shave. Not at all. This stuff is really good and smells nice too. The lotion goes on easily followed up with a splash of water. I go through one pass, splash more water on, and do a second pass. The value in using oil besides the obvious one of adding lubricity is that it keeps your razor cool. That's probably the most important benefit. Is it cost effective compared to Shave Secret? Probably not as Shave Secret is really inexpensive, but this, IMHO, does a better job and as a lotion, leaves your skin feeling soft. (I do follow up with an application of hyaluronic acid) So is my shave really closer than a blade. Running my fingers over my skin after shaving seems to indicate that. The best part is that I get almost no burn when splashing on my cologne and if I perspire on a really hot day outside, there's no burn from the perspiration. You should try this stuff. I haven't tried this with anything other than an electric shaver so I don't know if it's better than Shave Secret oil for wet shaving.
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